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Cousin Curtiss / Press

“If Dave Matthews has a cousin; it's definitely Cousin Curtiss. When I first listened to "What's In The Water?", I thought it was an album of unreleased tracks from The Dave Matthews Band. Lead vocal/guitar/harmonica frontman Curtiss (Cousin) O'Rorke Stedman's harmonica riffs are in the pocket. The acoustic tracks blend beautifully as they play off each other. A lot of tracks are slow acoustic blues. Overall, this is a very cool and fresh CD; you should check out this talented UP artist!”

“Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman grew up listening to all kinds of music, but didn't have musical aspirations as a youngster. "Writing my own songs? Well, it's complicated," he said. "My inspiration comes from everything and anything. It could just be a phrase someone else says. Sometimes the music comes first and sometimes it's the lyrics. "My inspiration definitely comes from being near awesome people in awesome surroundings," he said. "I have been extremely fortunate with the people I have met in my life." "I am not on the (performing) bill at Hiawatha Music Festival yet but that's a goal for me," he said. "Everything I know about how to play came from there. Musically, intellectually it has been amazing. I learned a deep respect for singing and songwriting." ”