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Cosmic Charley / Press

“Despite being located in British Columbia, Canada…it feels like it’s been forever since I reviewed some good ol’ Canadian rock – so I’ve gone and got myself hooked on this band from Lethbridge, Alberta called Cosmic Charley to help fill this literary void. After intense spins through this disc, I can only hope this review writes as easily as their new self-titled EP actually PLAYS; this is one intense ride packed into seven songs. To call it simply ‘rock’ would be a misstep on my part…there’s so much more here! I love the twists and turns on this EP and truly found nothing on it predictable whatsoever. The opening track sets the standard quickly; “Asexual” sounds like a traditional funk-rock start to it all – but just wait until you hear the attitude and the instrumentation. The breakdown at the end of this opener really highlights immediately, the undisputable fact that these guys can PLAY. So who ARE these guys anyway? Well…if you check into their soc”

“Cosmic Charley almost stole the show with an incendiary set of funk flavoured fun rock. The trimmed down trio played an energetic set of original material, including much of it from their CD and added in a couple new songs as well. As usual the intricate bass lines were the highlight of the show. And the groove was unstoppable. I was surprised nobody was dancing. “Something In My Eye,” was one of my highlights as was a solid cover of Weezer’s “Sweater” song. They left the rambunctious crowd calling for more”

“Cosmic Charley’s freewheeling ’70s influenced sound don‘t sound like anybody else.”

“Lethbridge band Cosmic Charley have released the feel good CD of the summer in “Wake Up.” It is chock full of breezy, free-spirited, upbeat, slightly funkified guitar riffs backed by a bass line which grooves with a touch of attitude and an unstoppable beat. “Lend Me Your Ears,” makes the listener want to lend their ears. They get into a little blues shuffle with “I’m Not Crying.” It’s got my toes tapping. And while the vocals could be punched up in places, the essence of some really catchy, fun fuelled songs are just champing at the bit to be heard and loved and moved to. The bass is always a highlight of their live shows and is on the CD. The guitar riffs have some classic rock influences, with just a dash of hippyish, Red Hot Chili Peppers funk... They definitely have their own sound, combining elements of modern indie-rock with a little funk , some classic rock and a lot of great grooves.”

“One of my favourites, Cosmic Charley ended up taking the second prize of $200. The crowd was digging their funk fuelled Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets the Clash meets the Police free spirited groove, which had a lot of toes tapping and bodies moving. They brought up their friend “Charley” up on stage to play some extra tambourine and got the crowd pumped up. They had a fantastic, Strat powered west coast groove going on. And as always, the bass playing was impressive.”

“Reminds me of Neil Young...all the best to Cosmic Charley in 2011!”

Lori Paul

"love it!"

Candi Greenwood Locke