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Cordula / Press

"She was singing "pieces" by Tamar Braxton. The mini performance was revitalizaing, and dulcet...Her vocals are far from rudimentary; she is just that dang'on good.

"Davis is one of he most superbly passionate people that Urban Tymes has ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Learning about her meekness was an added bonus to her overall persona."

“Stunningly beautiful, ethereal voice quality and unyielding professionalism, gives Cordula the impetus to capture and secure her place as a major voice in the music industry. Her strong dedication to community and healing through all mediums, gives this artist the base needed to withstand the test of time in music, business and as a personality with a huge heart married to an even bigger voice. ”

“Cordula's story is one of young determination and excellence well beyond her years...Meet Cordula Davis one of the best things to hit the music industry-at-large in quite some time.”

“A stunning natural beauty, Cordula's music overshadows that aspect as she effortlessly weaves between the husky low alto and sharp soprano scales, presenting a musical adventure not to be missed.”

“Already capturing radio and music executives' attention and energy, Cordula is positioned to be one of the breakout artist of the year”

“Cordula is the the US equivalent to the UK’s version of Leona Lewis, coupled with her own unique sound. She’s so current with her style yet holding on to a passion that resonates in every track. This Lady is future proof for many years to come.”

“She has a vocal range that has some kind of magic touch. The power to heal a broken heart. Giving you the strength to climb any mountain, even if it’s alone. Cordula will take you on a journey that you don’t want to end.”

"A Resonating Voice that Heals the Soul...All things considered, we are about to embark on a Cordula Davis era... look forward to hearing what else she has in store!"

“Up and coming singer Cordula Davis.. pumped up the audience and serenaded viewers with some of her original songs. What a great way to combine fashion and music! Loved her voice!”