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Conductors / Press

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

Jen Long - BBC Radio 1

“Fantastic! Punky.. Energetic And Really Exciting!”

Bethan Elfyn - BBC Radio Wales

"Strong Stuff! Very Fine Indeed!"

Artrocker Radio

“Addictive Tunes, Scratchy Riffs, Off-Kilter Rhythms And Melodic Moments - making this something of an interesting find!”

Buzz Magazine

"I’m convinced that I’ve seen the future of Welsh music!"

Deathmonkey Records

“Anarchic venom spat at you while the guitarists grind their axes waiting for the slaughter! Excellent Stuff!”

Plugged-In Magazine

"A Sonic Riot!"

24/7 Magazine

“Experimental rock band with a big voice. Strong harmonies and nicely nagging riffs!”

Bugbear Bookings London

"Art-punk act sounding like The Strokes in a caffine snorting contest with sabotage-era Beastie Boys!"

Miniture Music Press

“Conductors are Something that sounds not unlike Soundgarden in their younger form. Ones to keep an eye on we suspect. ”

Losing Today.com

"God i hate you!"

James Summerbell - Carmarthen Rock City

“You Fuckin' Monkeys!”

Pedro (Idiotbox)

"You remind me of a young Sonic Youth!"

Bloke In Barfly Cardiff