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Code 5 / Press

“Amp Up News caught up with Code 5 Promoter Carmella D'Notella recovering from the New Year Holiday party scene. Carmella said the band just took stock in their 2014 year. The band played Eleven (11) gigs at various venues, including Wylie Chayote's, East Rochester Summer Concert Series, Hickory Ridge, Bar Louie, O'Loughlin's, Hilton Pleasure Lanes, and Lovin' Cup. starting in late March and ending in November. The band also did a private party and a benefit concert. The 2014 year ended with fourteen (14) original songs, to be recorded in the studio, as soon as the copyrights are received.. Miss D said the year ahead is thought to be a good one. The group plans to release their first music CD, and is taking bookings for live performances. A benefit concert is set for January 31st at Tackles, and the band goes back to Hilton Pleasure Lanes for their 3rd time on February 21st.”

Amp Up News - Code 5 - 2014 a year in review

“Code 5 Rock 'n Blues Band has informed Musician's End that they will be taking part in a Benefit on January 31st, 2015, at Tackles (372) Manitou Road, Hilton, NY. The benefit is for Albert Clarke. Albert is a 66 year old Vietnam Veteran of Hilton, NY diagnosed with terminal Interstitial Lung Disease, where the only treatment is a lung transplant. Unfortunately the transplant has been denied due to his age and pre-existing heart disease. The band has been told that the benefit is being held to raise money for mechanical equipment that is not covered by his insurance. Code 5 members, Bob , Carl, Johnny, Larry & Scott are hoping to see family, friends and fans there. There is free food, live bands including Code 5. There will be raffles, including a 50/50 raffle. All donations go direct to Albert Clarke. There is no admission charge. Lead Guitarist, LJ said to contact Don Smith at (585) 392-5431 if you need further information.”

Musician's End - Benefit for Albert Clarke

“Code 5's lead guitar, Larry "LJ" Janneck reports that the band is going to do a benefit concert jam on January 31. Along with the Code 5 usual line up, they are expecting Brett Lowden and Bob Janneck among others to be sitting in. Proceeds from the benefit are going direct to the purchase of oxygen equipment. A Les Paul style Epiphone guitar will be raffled off.”

Music of Note - January 31st Benefit Concert for Albert Clark

“Code 5 starts their 2015 season, back at Hilton Pleasure Lanes on January 3rd. The band wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season, and hopes to see all of their family, friends and fans come out for some Saturday night fun”

The Long Pond Post - Bringing in the 2015 Year

“Code 5 Promoter Carmella D'Notella said the band played from 9 PM to 10 PM at Lovin Cup on 11/28, and at Hilton Pleasure Lanes on 11/29. Miss C said the band will be back at Pleasure Lanes on January 3rd to bring in the New Year with their "Rock 'n Blues”

Music of Today - Going Back to Pleasure Lanes on January 3rd

“Why become part of the mall mayhem on Black Friday? Code 5's bass player Scott Meli said the band is appearing at the Lovin Cup on Black Friday from 9:00 PM to 10:00 P.M. There is a lot going on that night. Drummer, and funny man Johnny Paradise said its a great place to kick back, order some good food, have a couple of drinks, in support of local musicians. Rhythm guitar, Carl Maier told SMOL that the band is going to play a mix of originals with some covers in their "Rock 'n Blues" style. Lead singer, Bob Giannavola added that "The Human Enthusiasts" will be on stage after Code 5. Lead guitar, "LJ is inviting everyone to come out & have a good time.”

Supporting Musicians On Line - Better than shoppin ' on Black Friday!

“Carl Maier announced that Code 5 will be playing at Hilton Pleasure Lanes for the first time on Saturday, November 29th, from 10:00 PM to 1:00AM, following the bowling tournament. Carl said the band has some new material that's been added, and would like to see a good turn out of old and new friends and fans.”

GIG Notifier - Code 5 at Pleasure Lanes

“Code 5 Promoter, Carmella D'Notella put the word out on the street that the band is booking again after band members took some vacations.”

The Long Pond Post - Code 5 filling their Gig Bag

“In an interview with Promoter, Carmella D'Notella she disclosed that Code 5 "Rock 'n Blues" Band is working up their Fall gig line up. She told Six String Magazine that band member vacations have slowed things down a bit in September & October but the band is itching to get back out there. Stay in tune!”

Six String Magazine - Code 5 On the Hunt

“Code 5 Rock 'n Blues Band had a great night for an outdoor concert at East Rochester last Wednesday, and is hoping to do it again next year. The Town / Village goes out of its way to provide live entertainment during the summer. The band is making their debut at Bar Louie this Thursday night, August 14th, from 8:00 PM to midnight. LJ said the band is getting some real good comments on one of their latest originals titled "Two Ex-wives. To kick off the weekend early, Johnny Paradise will be singing their rendition of "Start It Up". The band is i s inviting all of their friends, family and fans to come out and party.”

The Long Pond Post - Code 5 makes their debut at Bar Louie

“Code 5 was out making some new friends in East Rochester, Wednesday night. The band got some good feedback on two of their originals "Black Haired Shady Lady" & "Two Ex-Wives". Carl said the band got the perfect weather for an outdoor gig and is hoping to be invited backt next year. Bar Louie is the next stop Thursday night, August 14th. Carl said he's got some new friends coming and hopes to see some of the regulars.”

All Strung Out Magazine - Code 5 Working Fire in East Rochester

“Code 5's Scott Meli told Music of Note that their outdoor gig last night at O'Ley's on the Genesee River was all that could be asked for. The weather was just awesome. The gang from O'Leys and Bernard's Grove were all there, Boats tied up and tacked back & forth. The venue the best, and it was a party! Carl said three bartenders couldn't keep up and a fourth was added.”

Music of Note - Rock 'n Blues on the RIver

“Rochester's own "Rock 'n Blues Band", Code 5 has been under the radar of late, but bass guitar player Scott Meli told us that they've been working on some new songs and trying to finish some of their own music. Next Friday, June 20th, they'll be at the one, the only, One Restaurant and Lounge on the first night of the Jazz Fest, which also just happens to be the Summer's Eve. We wonder- is it possible that we might hear that old time great "Summertime"? Scott said Bob, Carl, Johnny and LJ are all looking forward to seeing their family and friends on the deck on Friday night.”

The Long Pond Post - One Restaurant and Lounge on June 20th

“Code 5 band was presented with the following info: Chapter 139, Paragraph 6 (History: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Greece 2-6-96 by L.L. No. 1-1996 Amendments noted where applicable.) 139-6 Sound reproduction devices used for miscellaneous purposes. A. No person shall use or operate or permit to be used or operated any radio, television, phonograph, tape or other recorder of sound, musical instrument or other apparatus, machine or device for the production, reproduction or amplification of excessive noise with louder volume than is necessary for convenient hearing for the person or persons who are voluntary listeners thereto. It shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section if excessive noise emanating from such apparatus, machine or device is: (1) Audible beyond the property line of the premises upon which it is being used. (2) Audible at a distance of 25 feet from such apparatus, machine or device when operated in a public park or other public place.”

Music of Note - Chapter 139-6 Presented

“Carl notified Music of Note that lead singer Bob Giannavola's wife, of over 40 years passed away after a long bout with cancer. Florence leaves behind three children, Rob, Amie and Richard. Florence was at every band gig until her health prevented it. She was a great lady and wonderful and loving wife and mother. She will be missed by all that knew her.”

Music of Note - Florence Giannavola's passing

“Code 5 lead guitar player, "LJ" says the band is taking a couple of weeks off from playing out to work on new songs (originals and covers). "Two Ex-wives" in one of the band's next originals to record. The band has played it live several times in the last few weeks, and gotten some really good comments.”

Music of Note - A man can't take two ex-wives in one day!

“Scott Meli gave us the scoop: Just two days away! Thursday night, April 24th, Code 5 is at Wylie Chayote's again at 8:00 PM. The band is looking forward to yet another fun night at the Cantina. Stop if for some Cantina Rock 'n Blues. Scott said come early and stay late. Old friends and new friends are welcome. It's a party!”

“Code 5 uploaded a new song to Reverbnation. It's their rendition of of an oldy titled "Rollin' n' Tumblin'"”

Listener's Library - Doin' It Their Way

“Tonight - Code 5 Rock 'n Blues is appearing at Wylie Chayote's, 42 Nichols Street, in Spencerport from 8:30PM to 12:30 AM. Come early for the great Mexican Cuisine and the music. Say hello to the Owner, Jerry. Code 5 members, Bob, Carl, Johnny, "LJ" and Scott are looking forward to putting on a good show. If you can't get there tonight, the band will be back Thursday, April 24th at 8:00PM”

Music of Note - Come out Tonight

"Miss-C". promoter for the Code 5 Rock 'n Blues Band, shared a couple of photos with us of one of Code 5's new Friend's in Denver. The band's promoter pointed out that this Denver Fan is wearing a "Back Up" necklace. We're not sure if she's a back up singer, if shes got the band's back or if she just has that high altitude attitude. Check out the picture and you be the judge. We're thinking it might just be all of the above.

Promoter's Forum - Rocky Mountain High Back Up for the Band

““Miss Carmella D'Notella, the hottest promoter on the scene, was spotted at the Rochester International Airport baggage claim where we spoke with her yesterday. "Miss-C" , as she is referred to, had just gotten back from her trip to Denver, where she was promoting the Code 5 Rock 'n Blues Band. She was quoted as saying "It was a very successful trip, and very fitting as the band picked up lots of new Rock 'n Blues friends in the Colorado Rockies".”

Promoters Forum - Code 5 finds friends in the Rockies

“Johnny Paradise, drummer for Code 5 called the Long Pond Post to tell us that the band just reached a milestone. On April 6, 2014, the band surpassed the 1,000 fan mark. When asked what's next, Johnny said the band is working on new songs and is focusing on playing out. Johnny said the upcoming gigs can be found on their Reverbnation site. Venues mentioned were One Restaurant the 1st night of the Jazz Fest; Silk O'Laughlin's and a jamming private party late June; Bar Louie, and the East Rochester Summer Concert Series in August; and return dates at Wylie Chayote's this month.”

The Long Pond Post - Code 5 Band surpasses 1,000 Friends

“We heard Code 5 has a new singer. LJ stepped it up, making his vocal debut at practice the other night. The guys say he's been sandbagging. Who knew?”

Being Vocal Magazine - 5th Voice

“With the weather breaking, S&PQ was on the prowl this week. Spring has sprung! We caught up with Scott Meli, and he said Code 5 is booking gigs now. If you're interested contact Carl at (585) 734-7447, or via e-mail at code5rocknblues@gmail.com.”

Sticks and Picks Quartely - Code 5 Band is booking gigs now.

“Johnny Paradise, has been literally laid back on the drums since joining Code 5,making playing the drums look real easy. The band reports that Johnny had his debut wailing out an old blues song in front of a crowd the other night. Scott Meli said Code 5 is fortunate to have four singers. He also reported that they have some great harmonies already, and will be working on more.”

Sticks and Picks Quarterly - Paradise - Blues style

“Thursday Code 5 learned that a friend and musician that has offered his voice and guitar up for many benefits needs their help. Bob Arnold, of Dixson and Garrison is reported to be hospitalized. The band is talking about doing a benefit concert. Johnny Paradise said that there'll be more to come on that subject.”

The Long Pond Post - A Musician Friend in Need

“Musician's End caught up with one of the members of Code 5 yesterday. LJ told us that their friend Carmella was last seen in the Rockies promoting Code 5 Rock 'n Blues to our Colorado neighbors that like the Bl-uuues!”

Musician's End - From Rock-chester to the Rockies

"LJ" told The Long Pond Post that he had the experience of seeing two exes in the same day. He confessed,"a man can't take two ex-wives in one day", and then ..... a song was born. We're looking forward to hearing this one, but will the ladies?

The Long Pond Post - Two Ex-Wives

“Carl said the band is excited to be playing out again. The band is about to finalize a date with O'Laughlin's on the river for a Saturday this summer.”

Music of Note - O'Ley's this summer

“Bob Giannavola told Musician's End that they have uploaded one of the new originals "Climb Up On A Mountain", and they are looking for feedback from their piers, and fans. Lyrics will be added soon.”

Musician's End - Climb Up On A Mountain

“Bob "the Shadowman" Giannavola told Musician's End that the band is working on more originals. More info to follow.”

Musician's End - Juices are Still Flowing

“The Band's Reverbnation site is functioning properly again thanks to Ben at Reverbnation. Thanks Ben. Now we can get on with business again!”

Carl Maier - Just a Shout out from Code 5

“Carl Maier told The LPP that Code 5 is now booked to play the East Rochester Summer Concert Series on Wednesday, August 6th, from 7 to 9 PM. The band hopes to see friends and fans there!”

The Long Pond Post - ER Summer Concert Series Booking

“Johnny Paradise said the band is anxious to get back on stage, as soon as the Florida vacations are over.”

Rock 'n Blues Update - Anxious to get back to it

“Carl Maier reported that they are having difficulty with the functionality of the Band's website.”

The Long Post Post - Website Problems

“Bob, Carl, Johnny, LJ & Scott wish all the Music Nation and our fans a Happy Holiday Season filled with joy and peace. May your days be filled with family, friends and fond memories.”

Musician's End - "to the Music Nation and Our Fans"

“Code 5 has e-mailed us to get the word out that they now have the "Live On Lyell Avenue (LOLA)" CD. Carl Maier said it has taken a little longer to get the files in an mp3 format to load on Reverbnation. As of today, one more original and two cover songs were just uploaded. "Black Haired Shady Lady" is the new original and "Whiskey 'n Women" and "Gloria' are now available for your listening pleasure. Carl further stated that they will be loading more songs from the LIVE CD.”

Musician's End - Code 5 CD "Live on Lyell (LOLA) is available

“Bob Giannavola notified The Daily Blues that the band picked up their new CD tonight. Six (6) originals and seven (7) cover songs. He promised to have some loaded up on Reverbnation in the next few days.”

The Daily Blues - Code 5 - Live on Lyell Avenue (LOLA)

“The Long Pond Post caught Code 5 lead guitar player Larry Janneck out Christmas shopping. "LJ" extended best wishes for a Happy Holiday season to all.”

The Long Pond Post - Happy Holidays

“Johnny Paradise told us that lyrics have been added to the Reverbnation site for the recordings of "The Shadowman", "The Swamp Song" and "It Takes An Old Man".”

The Daily Blues - Lyrics Added

“In an interview with Carl Maier, he told DB that the guys have selected thirteen (13) songs from a show that they did back in September. Among them is a song titled "Black Haired Shady Lady", a new release they have been working on for a couple of months now. The CD dubbed LOLA is titled "Live on Lyell Avenue" and should be ready for jewel cases soon."”

The Daily Blues - Live on Lyell Ave CD out soon

“Bob Giannavola of Code 5 reports that Code 5 is getting together with The Filthy McNasty's for a Jam session on December 4th. Put your ear plugs in folks! Who knows what will come out of this one? ZZ Top put it best: "It's Blues Time!"”

The Daily Blues - Off the Decibel Charts

“Code 5 Rock 'n Blues Band's bass guitar player, Scott Meli said the band is out there posting their ads, looking for gigs. Scott stated that the band is trying to break into the Gazebo Circuit and looking to do private parties for 2014. Scott also added that they hope to do a repeat at the Kiwanis and Purple Paint Project Benefits.”

Musician's End - Gigs for 2014

“Bob Giannavola reports that the guys went to Ted Lincoln's Studio Monday night and listened to the live recordings from the Kiwanis Benefit Concert. Carl Maier added that there is a CD in the making. LJ added that it may be labeled "Live on Lyell"”

The Daily Blues - LIVE CD coming soon.

"Code 5" played along with "The Filthy McNasty's" and "The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band" on Saturday, October 5th, at BLU Bar & Grille, for the Purple Paint Project, a benefit for local battered families. While the weather wasn't the best, the rain held off for the activities. Prizes were awarded for the bikes, trikes and cars in several categories. Special thanks to Christine for putting on the benefit. There is a lot of work that goes into organizing this kind of an event. Carl Maier said hopefully Christine will ask us back again next time.

The Long Pond Post - The Purple Paint Project - A Benefit for local battered families

“Code 5, newest member, Johnny Paradise, told the Long Pond Post that the benefit concert put on for the Kiwanis West Central Chapter Foundation Account was recorded live, and that the band is hopeful that the recordings meet their expectations, and more songs can be added to the Reverbnation site soon.”

The Long Pond Post - Kiwanis Benefit Concert Live Recording

“After sitting at #2 for some time now, Code 5 tops out the local Blues Chart at #1 for the 3rd time this year.”

Jazz Mag - #1 Local Blues Band

“Scott Meli, from Code 5, told Jam Mag that they will be playing at BLU Bar & Grille, Saturday October 5th at 12:45 PM. "Code 5" has the middle set between "The Filthy McNasty's and "The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band".”

Jam Magazine - Purple Paint Project @ BLU Bar & Grille

“Code 5 and the Kiwanis West Central Club wish to extend their thanks to "Dixson and Garrison", and "The Hoodoo Daddies" for giving it up on Sunday September 15th. We appreciate their giving up their time and providing their talents to entertain everyone. Because of family and friends, the event was a success.”

The Long Pond Post - Benefit Concert a Success

“On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Code 5 band members received very sad news. Stella Grace Gagliano had passed. Code 5 and Stella's great uncle Brian organized and performed a band benefit concert along with Dixson and Garrison, Catch 22, and Springer. Carl & Brenda met Stella in her home along with her parents David and Kara. Stella's beautiful eyes and smile said it all. She was Love, and she was Loved. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kara and David, Stella's grandparents, the extended family and the many, many friends that cared so much.”

Gracious Star - Stella Grace Gagliano

“Carl says the Shadowman video is now available on the Reverbnation site.”

The Long Pond Post - Shadowman on Reverbation

"LJ" reports that Johnny Paradise has joined Code 5. Johnny is laying down the beat on drums. Welcome aboard.

The Long Pond Post - We Got The Beat

“Code 5 Band released The Shadowman video on uTube on Thursday, 8/29/13. Within 20 minutes, the video was viewed in California”

VIdeo Promotions Monthly - 1st Video Released

“The boys saw the video for the 1st time Thursday night. Scott says just a few minor tweaks & it's ready for Revebnation & uTube.”

Video Promotions Monthly - Shadowman Video gets final edits

“The band has a few things on the radar. They plan to go back into the studio to record four (4) more songs. Another video was hinted at, but no details were given”

The Long Pond Post - What are they thinkin is next?

“Yesterday was a big day for the boys. The day kicked off with receiving their copyright certification for thirteen songs. Although Carl was previously published for poetry in the National Register, Bob, LJ, Scott and Carl have all crossed off one more on "The Bucket List"”

The Long Pond Post - Copyright Congrats!

“Today we are releasing the first of many exclusive photos taken during the filming of the Shadowman Video. The photo is of the Shadowmans Love Interest. Has he conjured her up or is she a reality?”

The Musicians End - Exclusive photos

“Dateline 8/6/13 "The Shadowman is finally captured in a photo.”

Mystery Magazine - Finally - The Shadowman!

“Photos of the Shadowman have been purchased from a photographer that wishes to remain unnamed. The Musicians End paid top dollar for exclusive rights to these shots. Our publishing department is reviewing them now. Keep watching.”

The Musicians End - Exclusive Photos of the Shadowman

“Carl Maier reports that Code 5, Dixson & Garrison, and the Hoodoo Daddies will be putting on a live music concert on September 15th to benefit the Kiwanis West Central Foundation Account an the Jared Wright Special Needs Trust. For more info go to Reverbnation and look for Code5Band "Shows"”

The Long Pond Post - Band Benefit Concert

“The LPP has been given an exclusive on the 1st pictures released of the "Shadowman" video shoot. You can check them out in our magazine issue, or view just a few of them here on Reverbnation.”

The Long Pond Post - Exclusive Still Shots

“Code 5 confirmed to The Long Pond Post that the Shadowman Video shoot was started on July 18th, 2013 and completed with footage of the band on July 25th . Despite many complications, band members said Producer/Director Lisa Gentile and Videographer Boris Sapozhnikov were great to work with. The video is expected to make it's way to the band's website by September.”

The Long Pond Post - Shadowman Video shoot "One & Done"

“Code 5 reports that "The Black Haired Shady Lady" is in the House! Check out those legs! ”

Carl Maier - Long Legs, black stockings 7" stiletto heels

"A positive identification has been made. The picture of the Shadowmans ride was captured in a surrounding town. However, the Shadowman was not around for comment. We scooped the Post on this one. Code 5 confirms that the video is in progress.

The Musician's End

“Got a call. #1 Local Reverbnation Blues Band. Doesn't matter for how long - just that we got here.”

Carl Maier - #1 Local Blues Band

“Bob Giannavola reports "The Shadowman Video is a go!"”

The Long Pond Post, Shadowman Video

“Wow! I "blinked" over the Memorial Day weekend (no time to look at the website) and somehow we moved up to #2 on the local blues chart. We have no idea how this works, but we're not complaining either!”

Carl - We're not complaining

“It's official - "Black Haired Shady Lady" (long legs, black stockings, 7" stiletto heels!) will be one of the next orginals to be recorded.”

Musician's End - It's about a lady!

“When asked what's next, we were told that Bob, Carl, LJ & Scott are all writing lyrics and music. Three (3) more originals are already in the works, with a few more song lyrics that are just waiting for music. The plan is to be back in the Recoding Studio in another month. We'll be watching.”

The Long Pond Post - What's next?

“The third new recording "It Takes an Old Man", we're told came out a real hard hitting rock 'n roller. Judge for yourself. ”

The Long Pond Post - Not your new generation rock ' n roll

“The band categorized the second song "Swamp Song" in the Delta Blues genre. Listen for the Jews (Juice) Harp. ”

The Long Pond Post - Juicy Delta Blues

“Code 5 reported that they received the new recordings, and they are now posted on the site. We're told the re-recording of "The Shadowman" is much better than the last cut. Carl Maier said "There's nothing like a well placed harp,to make good music even better.: ”

The Long Pond Post - Creative Juices Flowing