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Big CoChise / Press


ITZ_SPOODLE!! - The Nation

“This shit fireeeee yo you kinda sound like luda -Dik”

Dik - The Net

“Awesome music, wicked vocal style.”


“Really loven Another Day Another Dollar..really professional sounding.great quality,great work, keep it coming,much love and support and Godbless ”

Whitney Shar'de - The Nation

“I'm digging da tracks my fav is another day another dollar and dear father keep doin ya thing”

Its Talez - The Net

“Awsome vocals, Great arrangement and production”

David T Smith - Real Rap

“Somebody say hiphop is gone, that's a lie you got it, its been a while since I've heard someone with this style and vibe, "classic" good Job”

7Sounds Production - Real Rap

“Yo shit go hard!!!!!!!!”

StaalinBMJ - Rap Pages

“Great stuff man!! Got that old school vibe with great lyrical content! There's a million wanna-be's that need to take a lesson from your work! Keep them tracks comin'! ”

Dr.Ruin - All Music

“Wats gud cochise lovin yo musiz your whole playlist is increadible thumbs way up i dig it”

L.B - The Nation


Circus Liberty - Net Online

“That Voice!! Mmmmmm....keep doing great things x”

Mz Lady J.A.T. - The Nation

“Love your music keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One Voice Nation - NET MUSIC

“Love what you doing,keep it up. I'm your new fan,good luck. ”

Brii - THE NET

“Big CoChise ya style go HARD Homie.... ”


“Love your Music. Great Vocals. Great Stylings. Loved your RAP. You have a real Talent. Never stop sharing it.”

Robert Preston Walker - All music

“Feeling the flavor. That's how you lay down tight songs Big CoChise. Big ups Too you. ”

I.D.I.C. Productions - The Nation

“Hey Big, man I really like Dear Father A LOT. Thank you for that, its helpin me out right now and I can real feel the lyrics, it means a lot. Sounds really cool too. Keep on keepin on bro.”

Flyer - The Nation

“Dear Father is super smooth with an important words, right on and thank you Big CoChise”

Flyer - Rap Pages

“:) SUPER TRACK and SUPER VOICE ! A prestu”


“I am really loving your groove! Old style - nice”

The Fried Angels - The Nation

“Love your music. Keep up the great work.”

Isaac Pula - The Nation

“Real cool laid back vocals with authority!!! God bless you & your career in music! Glad I checked you out :)”

Orev Shalom - The Masses

“nice remix on that second track...i would have never thought of that ..props”

New Profession - The Real

“Your music sounds like you've been on the grind for awhile. Amazing tracks.”

Saiint Scarbzz the Producer - The Nation

“ou've got the voice and the mind to go as far as you want. Well done!”

Jeffreaux the Obscure - REAL RAP

“Big CoChise ~ My Favorite song is City Within - Love your style ... WOW .... I am absolutely a fan of yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Destiny Landon - The Nation

“I'm feelin' your flow. I'm glad there's someone else, out there, who appreciates the Old School style. :)”

Makin Beatz - THE NATION

“Played all again, great stuff! look forward to next time”

See Jay Run - The Net

“Ur the shit! you own that shit and its all you goodshit peace out”

David Latella - Rap Pages

“Nice flow! I like your sound. Very good. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!”

Blizzard - The Net

“Much respect. "Clearly Undeniable" is on a networking mission. And you got some official content!!!!!”

Dame Stacks - Hip Hop Nation


Mc Collins - The Net

“Great music and keep up the good work.”

J.Juice - Rap Net

“Seriously you sound like so many different artist, on each track i can hear a different voice coming through; keep up the good work and i like your versatility. ”

Stonerock Records - The Nation

“Big Cochise - you got Music man, and you got stories in your Music. It's Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

RV DOUGLAS - The Session

“Read your bio. Great story of grit and determination. Love the music!!!!!!!!!”

Rye St. - Music News

“Great work! I love, "life!”

Tanya Darling - Reverbnation


STACCZ BINNESS - Coast 2 Coast

“Tracks are fire keep up the excellent work..”

K.o.k eye smashing music - The Net

“A straight talking wordsmith Big Cochise , high definition of lyric adhered to some sound driving rhythms,a very open bio that reads of the determination of a number one star!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Johnny Bonkers - The Nation

“Big CoChise...Good work bro! Keep up the good work!”

Y CAPRI - Rap Nation

“CoChise- nice! Totally not what I usually listen to, but know that I appreciate your talent & what you have going. I'll keep listening!!!!!!!”

Brian Coons - Web Music

“Liking the music. Keeping the flows coming. Bring That Real Hip Hop Back”

Prime Example - The Net

“Great Work!”

Pap-Plen - Rap pages

“Good stuff!!”

Admiral Grey - The Nation

“Your Music is Bangin bruh keep it up maaan ”

Cory Jones - The Nation

“BIG CoChise - Life - Dough Boy, Great tracks and you are very talented!!!!!!!!!”

Suzanne & The Blues Church - The Net

“Where my money gettin niggaz at? Right here!!! that's a Banger!!!!!!!!!!!”

RiccoCaine - The Nation

“Dope flows with raw ass lyrics, bruh! Real raw hip hop. Made me a fan. Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

BTME - Rap Pages

“Hot shit...lyrics, beats, everything. good shit keep up the good work. ”

Warrior Muzik - The Nation

“Dope flows with raw ass lyrics, bruh! Real raw hip hop. Made me a fan. Respect!!!!!!!”

BTME - Rap Pages

“Nice style and delivery. Old school with a 21st century vibe.My ears taste a different flavor in all your tracks. Very smooth. Like your style a lot. Good luck in all you do. Keep making the magic”

Barbarian Wizard - The Nation

“Your bio wasn't lying...your music is the TRUTH. I never thought that Coldplay track would work as a rap song but you worked it out masterfully. I'm big on originality because I'm a GenXer and your music is original and uniquely yours. Keep hittin us off. ”

GenXer Beats - Front Page

“You have an awesome flow! Keep doing what you do, it's Hot! Yes I got it, Nice touch!”

Patrica L - The Nation

“Ya Tracks Are Tight Work. Bumpin Back From THe Dead Right Now!!!!!!!!!!”

Carolina Pines Inc. - The Net

“Just want to give you a shout out and let you know I love your stuff! Your production is kickin', your rymes are totally original and from the heart, and your rap and voice; your whole package sounds like #1 hits!!!!!!!!”

Tony Ray G - The Nation

“Yeah!!Tough voice, great lyrics, hardcore shit!!Definitely on my 'recommended' list!!Keep going!!”

Yob One - The Naton

“I am a fan of yours, Where My Money Niggaz At, Lady In The Streets, life, r great track great music!!”

Mart Poet - The Nation

“What's good Big CoChise!!! I heard your tunes, that shit is bangin'. Keep up the good work! Criminal Minded Ent. ”

Criminal Minded Ent. - The Nation

“Your song "Life" is amazing, great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Honest Mistake Band - The Nation

“Where my money niggaz at..is my shit..life, another day another dollar...""I'm Fucking wit ya bruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Shott Brown - The Nation

“It was a pleasue to listen to yuo my friend. Bring the real Rap on back. It seems they took it to Hollywood and forgot where it came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cosmo Grassano - The Nation

“Hey it's SiK 1, guitarist from S.T.D. loving these tracks!! Very original style!! This is your year!!”

Sik 1 - The Word

“Sick jointz on this page bro..your relentless, raging flo on "back from the dead" is freakin monumental! wicked vibe and groove to "lady in the streets" too..diggin your skillz bro..it's all shiny as gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Mike White - worldwide

“Ya music is fire!!!! ”

Tonio - Nation

“...I Salute You On YA Music Awesome!!!!!! ”

Amadi - The Nation

“shit!! i coming 2 feel u dope track another dollar braa!!! hustler and madfuck flow man ! shit it hot ! ”

Ng Black - The Net


8 BB - The Net

“Man, honestly, am feelin this shit! Just bangin! Hot Tracks! Dope shit! Keep it comin fam! Peace from Jerusalem! ”

Prince Of Jerusalem - The Nation

“your music has a great vibe and love your voice!! katie ”

Katie Bell Akin - TheNation

“Checked out your track "Lady in the streets"-- Good sounds, shits dope!!!!!!”

The Quest - The Net

“Music is off the change my nigga. Definitley feelin that " LIFE ".., BANGER!!!”

Ill - The Net

“Another Day..... Another Dollar $$$.... enough to make ya wanna holla!! great track! ”

Burning Red Sun - The Net

“your blend of beats and lyrics is mad dope ”

Kells Dougie - The Nation

“yo dope music man, keep doin what your doin bruh!!! ”

JDirty - The Nation

“Yo man thanx for becoming a fan and SICK TRACKS! You got mad talent man, really digging your stlye, and dope lyrics homie! Keep em Blazing man and Mad Props to ya”

JTBlaze - The Nation

“hey man,one thing interest me is ''life and ''missing you''.man,that is so tight.dam serious.you got every juice of music element on ''life''.nice arrangement and lyrics.''missing you'' that blues guitar.brilliant.really makes you different than others rappers.some rap bout hate,some gangsta.but rap bout life,love.you're init.i believe you make it all the way.peace bro,reach out your love :] ”

Haqim Omar - The Net

“Feelin' the real HipHop sound! On point my man! ~Genesis7 ”

Genesis7 - The Nation

“Ya music iz dope mane,i like it!! Respect & Support From StiLL G Italian G-Funk Family!1 keep grindin'”

Still G - The Nation

“your lyrics are deep but witty at the same time punchlines is sick...you got that 90's flow that's what's up..good looks on being a fan that's what's up being #6 in Tampa..from a New Yorker to another much respect to you...keep pushing your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

$H.E.L.L.O.N - The Net

“>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> REAL LIFE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I LIKE YOUR MUSIC. KEEP PUSHIN IT. THE WORLD NEEDS YA VIBE ”

Dj BlackStone - The Nation

“Hey Hey Wasup comin across ur page n u got some good music i diggs it keep it up real talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

90&#x27;s Baby - The Nation

“Great production values on your tracks... 'Another Day Another Dollar', first class work. Cheers - TPK ”

The Pizza Kings - The Nation

“I love your tracks man! I also grew up in the bronx as a small child, must be something in the water there that makes the best pizza, bagels and music haha, oh oh yeah, there it is, it tastes like talent :) ”

HRE - The Nation.......

“I see doing your thing over here. I see you making it in the future.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

better - The nation

“You're dope CoChise. You're soon to take over FLA, the U.S., and the world”

Doug - The net

“Aye CoChise thanks for the add! love your work! awesome music! different unique sound! keep it up! ”

J.Daye - The Nation

“whatta N xperience, its like it shouldn't work but it soooo does, awesome, original, from tha amazin missing you to tha last note of tha one that counts i was hooked. stay blessed :) xxx ”

Mama Chill - The Nation

“Amazing clear sound, original arrangements, great rapping) Enjoyed heaps”

Amazing clear sound, original arrangements, great rapping) Enjoyed heaps - The Nation

“Another Day... Smooth lyrical sessions... Much Respect! Amazing Work! Best Regards”

Enoch. Arcane - The Web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“There Is NOBODY with his voice, and his life, he makes you want too listening too every Word!!!!! That Cat is has Unlimited Protential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Polo - Floss

“Yo your music bang! Its really good and you need to keep it coming! You got dat fyah kid.”

Add a Decimal - keep it Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dj Blackzone - Blackzone

“Cochise the Great, hes going too change the Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Super Star Jay - Preech T.V

“Your music sounds really Great. Awesome stuff ”

Sarah Ashley Ramirez - Your Music

“Feelen ya music..got mad talent and ya sound real original..got ya on own style...keep pushen ya music ”

P-Tone - Got Mad Talent

“Feelen ya music..got mad talent and ya sound real original..got ya on own style...keep pushen ya music ”

P-Tone - Got Mad Talent

“Feelen ya music..got mad talent and ya sound real original..got ya on own style...keep pushen ya music ”

P-Tone - Got Mad Talent

“Feelen ya music..got mad talent and ya sound real original..got ya on own style...keep pushen ya music ”

P-Tone - Got Mad Talent

“Feelen ya music..got mad talent and ya sound real original..got ya on own style...keep pushen ya music ”

P-Tone - Got Mad Talent

“im feeling the flow pimp you remind me of shine(compliment)”

Big Folks - Feeling the Flow

“What's good CoChise Dig your sound man. Keep pushing it. ”

Delon - Dig Your Sound

“wsup fam... ur music madddddd... you gonna make it yo..”

Red.i - YO

“Whats good Co!!! thanks for the holla my G its all BX! you heard!, and yeah man we reppin that true school shit fami allllllllday! just got thru peepin some of your bangers yo they sound tight homie keep doing your thing, stay bumbin that X shit we neeeeeeeeeeeeeed that shit!!! , as for a 16 i might just hit you up in the near future for that fam so be on the look out you heard! stay up, stay blessed 1 up BX ALLLLLLLLLLLDAYYYYYY! 100! ”


“i see you homie, keep grindin we need more lyricist that are saying something on the mic.. check me out i do the same, no gimmicks just good music... salute ”


“Im Loving ur music all of it is dope check out my page shoutout to u”

Telfon - Your Music

“love the music keep up the fantastic work. we gotta get on something together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can do a song and shock the fucking globe Peace Love And Success ”

H-Cane - YOUR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“What up what up.....giving a shout out to my dudes PREECH aka "Santos" & COCHISE aka "Tall". I see ya'll got ur NY Swag HOT & POP'n in Tampa. NYC and Florida be on the look out for them cause they're the future of Hip-Hop...Believe That! ”