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Chuck Jones bassist / Press

“A few minutes before the clock stroke 11:30, Medieval Steel had the task of taking us back in time and space...most specifically in Memphis, 1984. Their legendary 4-song EP has gained a huge cult name in the underground metal genre and everybody was anxiously awaiting to listen to songs cued from that Extended Play. What most of the fans didn’t know was the fact that Medieval Steel had in store –actually in the merchandise booth- a new album entitled “Dark Castle” that will officially be released in the beginning of December. Naturally, the band based their set on this release and from my perspective it sounded more like a straightforward heavy metal bunch of songs without many references to the epic sound of the past. However, I will have to wait for the studio offering so as to form a more solid opinion.. When Medieval Steel played “Battle Beyond The Stars” and “To Kill A King” there was a phenomenal crowd reaction while on the title track (the moment which we all hav”

“And the time has come, Medieval Steel on stage! What to say first, the extremely killing riffs of Cary and Jack? the thundering Chuck on bass? the smaching Chris on drums? or the storming voice of Bobby? They blowed up all the attender's minds by playing the classical songs from their EP and demo such as Warlords, Battle Beyond the Stars, Tears in the Rain and many more and the new The Killing Fields.”

“KINGS OF THE DARK CASTLE! - Medieval Steel are about to emerge from the shadows with more killer power metal!”

“New Medieval Steel See pages 24 - 25!”

“Their gonna put me in the Movies Chuck Jones Interview”

“Heavy metal blogspot”

“Medieval Steel added to playlist rotation at Radio Active- Warsaw, Poland with our song "To kill a King" from the "Anthology" cd”

“Medieval Steel added to rotation at Radio Active- Warsaw, Poland with our song "To kill a King" from the "Anthology" cd”

“A review by me about Clement basses & Clement bass company. I play the #254 Wide Joan. Peace”