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Chris Taylor / Press

“Taylor's influences seem varied, and his impressive compositional pen parlays a complement to his guitar expertise. Featuring precision-oriented theme building, loose groove dialogues and flourishing arrangements, Taylors merges fury, muscle, and tenderness into an articulate set of propositions.”

“Guitarist Chris Taylor is one of those guys you want to cheer on. After 30 years of gigging around, he comes up with a debut album that is a corker. Nocturnal (Abstract Logic 029) doesn't come out of outer space. He's listened to and absorbed some of the things that have been going on, like Weather Report, Allan Holdsworth and Pat Metheny, but he's come up with something very much his. There's a cosmic psychedelic element, a world-music element, and there is what is best termed a CHRIS TAYLOR element, something you aren't expecting that he brings into the mix to give it another direction than the one you assumed was where the music was going.”

“A heady blending of hip hop-ish beats, careening vocal interludes and a series of evocative thoughts on the guitar that run from inside to outside with stirring precision. A fully realized debut, courtesy of Abstract Logix.”

"An impressive recording debut, Nocturnal highlights Taylor's ability to weigh exciting improvisation and artistic flair within shifting compositional terrain. Beautifully produced, this polished offering is the result of thirty years honing a craft."

“Seemingly from out of nowhere, New York-based guitarist-composer Chris Taylor has emerged after nearly 30 years on the scene with a brilliant, fully-realized first album as a leader. And though it’s been a long time in coming, Nocturnal may be the most auspicious debut of the year.”

“With Nocturnal, Taylor, the long time sideman, clearly establishes himself not only as an artist in his own right, but as a highly original voice in modern jazz. Had he not incorporated samples, or any other post-production atmospheric elements, this would still stand as a fine debut full of creativity and depth. By so thoroughly and seamlessly weaving these “non-jazz” textures into his music, however, Taylor brings a fresh vision to the genre that is exciting and innovative. Nocturnal is a captivating release that is hopefully the first of many to come from this fine guitarist and composer. Highly recommended. ”

“From the rush of psychedelic mindmeld in the opening of Voices in my Head, it's obvious guitarist Chris Taylor isn't interested in the staid and traditional. Taylor rarely grandstands much more interested in the totality of the compositions, a flowing river of interwoven chops and elucidations never standing still or within ten miles of the cliché. In many ways, the sensibilities are European but with that American something. ”

“Throughout this album Chris displays a sensitivity that can be rare in jazz. Although there are plenty of high speed nimble solos from Taylor and his crew, the music never becomes oppressive in that way that ‘paid-by-the-note’ jazz fusion can become. The spirit of this music is similar to some classic 70s fusion bands, particularly Weather Report, but this is hardly an anachronistic or dated album. Fortunately Taylor also adds a lot of modern elements such as digital electronic ambience, occasional drumnbass rhythms, sampled exotic voices and a nu jazz type somberness on some cuts. To his credit though, Taylor does not use these modern elements in any kind of gratuitous or trendy fashion, instead, this album achieves a perfect blend of old and new in jazz that transcends stubborn adherence to genre.”

“Like any business, it is necessary to strengthen and expand horizons in order to grow and compete in an ever more competitive market, and Dutta's talent-spotting antenna is permanently switched on: "I'm always listening to new stuff," he says. "I've just been introduced by Scott Kinsey to a guitarist called Chris Taylor—he's somebody I've never heard of, but he is a fantastic guitarist. He has a unique, minimalist way of playing guitar. I haven't heard another guitarist like Chris Taylor; he's another fresh, new sound in my ears. ”