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Chase Kroesche / Press

"I'm all about sway-ability these days, and Chase's new album, ONE, hits the spot. It's acoustic pop at it's best with relatable lyrics and crisp vocals. My favorite has to be "Sleep" with its cute, catchy chorus that goes "be the last thing that I see / meet me in my dreams". "Superhero" is another favorite that I got stuck in my head after our little acoustic session on his rooftop a few weeks ago. This one's got a head-bopping beat, but still keeps the same sweet acoustic feel."

"Teen pop star Chase Kroesche is about to be a household name. But with the release of his debut single, "1-2-3" from his upcoming EP, his name is going to quickly get out there."

Philip Sayblack - WNCT TV blog

“We’re well into spring, and that means we’re now on the lookout for a cool, laid-back sound, and it looks like we may have found our artist! Chase Kroesche is a 19-year-old singer and he’s fantastic when he has a guitar in his hands. You put the two together, and it’s an unbeatable combination. The young star has just dropped his newest single, and we love it so much, we’ve just got to pass it on to you! In the video below, check out “1-2-3.” The song itself is super-relaxed, and Chase’s video is too fun to watch. He’s been around the musical block way more than once, and when it comes to crafting his own sound, Chase nails a Bullseye every time. We’re excited to see what Chase has lined up for the future. If "1-2-3" is anything to go by, then his fans have a lot to look forward to! We want to give Chase a major shout out for giving us the perfect spring anthem! We know you’re headed far - keep it up!”


Scott Iwasaki - Park Record

““Chase has that illusive 'it' quality, that rare combination of talent and charm which makes you want to get his autograph now since you know it'll be valuable one day soon!””

Lisa Popeil, Celebrity Vocal Coach and Creator of the Voiceworks Method

“..."In my opinion, if (Chase) continues with his musical aspirations, we will all one day be cheering his contributions to the one thing that we all love, "Music". I am sure that with his level of tenacity, we will all one day be humming one of his composed melodies.” ”

Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ex-Frank Zappa & Mothers Of Invention Lead Vocalist/Front

““When you see Chase Kroesche play you know doors will open for him. He has a wonderful sense of the stage and he makes the audience feel right at home as he guides them though his music. His vocal ability combined with his guitar work and his charisma are a hard combination to beat.” ”

SchoolJamUSA (Judge 2011) - Menzie Pittman, Director of Education Contemporary Music Center, NAMM Member

“...At his age, (Chase) is already a consummate professional. Whether throwing down guitar tracks or working with the others in the band to make sure the blend was perfect, he was the embodiment of a pro, he was grace under pressure, and we know that in the studio many musicians are not.””

Doug Robinson, Emmy Award winning engineer, HARMAN Professional Division

““Chase's talent as a rock musician became clear to me early on. He has always put everything he has emotionally and physically into the music, an intensity that is absolutely necessary. Add in his strong voice and virtruoso guitar chops and great song writing. I am not surprised by how far and how fast he has become a force on the music scene.””

Terence Hansen, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Double-Neck Guitarist