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Chaquis Maliq / Press

“Chaquis Maliq is a singer, songwriter and producer with unlimited potential.”

“Chaquis’ One Woman Band Tour that has trekked to all kinds of venues far and wide, the absence of all the things you’re supposed to need to make a music video work is exactly why it works. The rawness of it suits her persona. She shines as beautifully in this video as she does in her live performances.”

“The way the video is shot and the angles Chaquis uses it makes you feel like she’s talking only to you. You almost get the feeling as if the video is for your eyes only. I think a lot of other artists try to go for that same effect but Chaquis really captures it. Definitely worth a watch.”

“..Awesome voice!”

Lex Boogie - WLVS Radio

“Chaquis Maliq is definitely one of the artists I’m checking for in 2014. Maliq is taking the nation by storm with her soul, R&B and gospel infused messages of love and power.”

“...Your music, it's so needed.”

Civ Jones Magic 95.9 Baltimore

“Chaquis Maliq is an artist who stands on the edge of potential and fame. Her song writing ability and growing strength as a vocalist cannot be denied.”

“Sometimes you meet artists who stand out. Chaquis Maliq is one of those. With a sound that is unique and unpretentious, she woos your soul like she’s singing you a lullaby. But, she’s got that fire, that spark, that thing that you just can’t put your hand on and identify, but you know you want more. Catch her now because she’s definitely on the way up.”

“Chaquis Maliq is an inspirational beautiful soulful talent”

"Fledgling, vocal arrangement in pursuit of comfort worked groovy <# 1 - "We Got Love"> . Sweet acceleration singing voice soulful reach softly and put a sweet refreshing breeze (soft groove) is <# 2 - "Remain Me"> .

“One of the first artist in a long time that you can just scroll through her catalog of music and videos, listen and smile. "We Got Love" off her Newest project "Harmonies of Me" will instantly become a classic and one of your personal favorites!”

"The new album inspires listeners to know who they are, what makes them beautiful in a well-rounded way. As such, Maliq is a well rounded artist.....The new album is unique in that Maliq took the lead in both songwriting and production, highlighting her strengths as both an empowered woman and talented artist. Maliqs style draws on an expanse of musical genres including Soul, Jazz and Blues."

“Every song has killer tune through and through here, the new EP "Harmonies of Me.........Unlike too many artist out there this artist seeks to enlighten and not just to make hits true all artist need to eat and so it’s a toss-up(of a coin) as to where you land but Chaquis Maliq lands on both sides and I don’t believe it was entirely by design she appears to have just gone with the best songs she has and presented them to the world.”

“I discovered Chaquis on Facebook and I was struck by the beauty of her words… and then I listened to her music – BOTH Heartfelt and Powerful. Thank you Chaquis. We are grateful.”

“Her music will entice you to listen and engage your ears and heart. Thank you Chaquis!”

“Beauty, Brains, and the Power of Soul.....”

“Every track has its own vibe. Harmonies Of Me is Chaquis Maliq’s entrance to the music world and we are excited to hear a full-length project in the not too distant future.”

"A new generation of independent female singer-songwriter. She has made ​​two albums, sometimes quite experimental avant-garde, sometimes playing retro smoke flavor whistle any style of courage to try. This time the song arranger places Acoustic based, like artists like India.Arie type fans can listen to.

“We're proud to feature such impassioned and an inspiring artist! Thanks for putting the soul back in music Chaquis!!!”

“Harmonies of Me, a 4 track project of honest, soul music that will grab you firmly by the ears. If you enjoyed early india.arie’s guitar accompanied gems then this is for you! Her beautiful voice and arrangements will win you over and leave you begging for the full length”

“It is rare that you find a voice that matches the beauty of the music, and can compliment the music while giving inflections of smooth jazz or the melodies of R&B of a bygone age.”

“The mainstream music industry would benefit from her sound because she delivers quality content through her lyrics. Not only through her lyrics but she is multi-talented she’s a guitarist with style.”

“She glowed from the moment she hit the stage. The lyrical content received was spiritual, spontaneous, and soulful. Her warm melodic, honey jazz sound filled the room. Although she came off a little modest at times…with the right backing and promotion, this young lady will earn her right to be a major contender in the music business.”

““hey!!! Loved it. You’re definitely a true artist sharing real music. Beautiful voice, style, and performance. -Ladessa Sullivan / CandyAcidReign””

“I am a big fan of your work. I’ve previously watched a few video clips of you performing, and I found out that not only are you an amazing talent, but very cool and down to earth. I have to point that out because it is so hard finding good talent today that has not allowed their ego to override their gift.”

“Now in her newer creations, it's a big difference. With the array of musical skills that engulf this rising star, Chaquis Maliq is definitely a name that you will want to look out for.”