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Chappell & Dave Holt / Press

“I finally was able to give several focused listenings to your wonderful new CD, Stone & Fire. As for the music - whew!! What a journey!! Of course, I love the songs with the 30ʻs flavor, and all the background vocals are so well done - often charming and fun. But the biggest impression really is of the body of work over all, and how it was written and recorded. In this day and age of so much "cookie cutter" music, all so digitally perfect, etc - I felt like I was transported back to a time when people only made music for the True Love Of It. Your album has a great "human" quality to it, and the instrumentation supports that all the more. Real people playing real instruments. I also appreciated the careful craftsmanship of your songs. Clearly, you took no shortcuts, and let each piece evolve to the fullest. Chappell, your voice is as rich as caramel, and the two of you have finely honed your voices together over all these years. Bravo!!”

“Really enjoy listening to a well-crafted, well-produced, full of passion, jazzy side of Americana musical statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys need to keep putting out good music! WOW! All of the songs, instrumentation, improv breaks, beginnings, endings, Richard and Karen Carpenter lush harmonies, you name it, just knocked it out of the park!!!”

Malcolm Hunter - Malcolm Hunter Letter

“I’m pleased with the way my dobro and steel parts sound on the finished album, and I enjoy the variety of other instruments that you used to enrich the different textures of the songs. But more importantly there’s a nice consistency throughout the album -- an instantly recognizable Chappell-and-Dave style that you’ve accomplished in your years of performing together. In a certain respect it reminds me of Robin and Linda Williams in that both of you are perfectly capable of carrying the lead by yourselves, but in combination you’ve reached even greater heights. Good going, guys!!”

“Chappell & Dave Holt are the jazzy side of Americana."”

“I really enjoyed laying down pedal steel & reso guitar tracks for Chappell & Dave Holt. Dave sang & played piano in The Frontier with Mitch Greenhill & me 40 years ago. He and his wife are a happening duo & songwriting team. Their work is clever & joyful… ”

“Chappell and Dave Holt are seasoned performers who can move fluidly between all the musical genres - jazz, Native American, old-timey or blues - that their well-honed talents lead them to. Along with their guests they presented a rollicking good time and a wide variety of tunes in "A Celebration of the American Song". What an enjoyable way to get a history lesson in song! ”

“Love the CD (Wings of the Morning)! Judy, also. We both play ours in the stores. Joyce Blair Owner of Balfour Books Toronto, Ontario”

Joyce Blair - Balfour Books

“'Nobody Says They Dig It' great lyrics, lively presentation and very funny. That was my aim for today's show and you folks filled the bill.”

“Thank you so much for performing at the Rivertown Art Center. You concerts have been a big hit with the Antioch community! Many folks in the audience tap their toes and sing along to your tasteful interpretations of favorite jazz standards. Your original tunes are a real crowd-pleaser, too, blending humor and storytelling with fresh, creative musical expression. The inventive variety of you program, along with the warmth and energy of your performance make for a thoroughly enjoyable musical evening. We look forward to having you back soon! ”

Nancy Roberts Curator - Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch

“A Steinway Baby Grand piano was Dave Holt's instrument. Chappell had her guitar and Autoharp, as Dave and Chappell sang and sang. Those of us who've known and heard the Holts over the years would be delighted with the professional, smooth, vigorous, gracious music that had the audience whooping, clapping, and appreciating everything they did, while asking for more. ”

Stephen Zendt - Golden Gate Circle

"Chappell & Dave Holt...a group that played with the energy and professionalism you'd expect to hear in Carnegie Hall."