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Chaos in Paradise / Press

“A forma discreta com que os portuenses Chaos in Paradise têm vindo a afirmar o seu nome no metal nacional não faria prever um salto qualitativo desta natureza. Pouco mais de um ano após a edição da primeira demo, surgem por sua conta e risco com um EP que transpira talento na forma como apresenta o seu metalcore melódico, directo e abrilhantado pela apreciável dualidade vocal de Sara. A forma expedita como a vocalista cria o equilíbrio entre um registo melódico cheio de força e carisma e assomos de pura agressividade, encaixa numa componente instrumental coesa, resultando num disco que, não primando pela originalidade, acaba por constituir uma agradável surpresa" [7.1] R.A.”

Ricardo Agostinho - Loud Magazine

“Over the last year they have worked really hard and played a lot live, and this starts to pay off. Vocalist Sara has widened her repertoire by adding some screaming vocals and this is maybe the biggest con for my part. Not that she is bad at it, it's more that the style, it's giving the songs a tad of US hardcore feel, and that doesn't improve my impression. Others might of course like it though. Her clean voice is flawless, and again it's hard to avoid the comparishion with Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), except the greater variety that Sara holds. The productions has been lifted up a level or two since their demo, and the same for how the instruments are handled. The quality of the songs are pretty even, none stands out or feel like leftovers, still there is this mark of quality that the songs grow for each spin. Even if at first listen it may seem like there are some "hit songs" and some more pale, after a while this evens out and end up with a more than decent EP.[7/10]”

“Het Portugeze Chaos in Paradise probeert middels het in eigen beheer uitgebrachte Let the Bliss Remain een poot aan de grond te krijgen, en de kans is aanwezig dat dit behoorlijk gaat lukken. Vijf songs plus een intro lang zetten de heren en dame in een klein half uurtje het beste been voor, en de mix tussen metalcore, progressive metal en ouderwets Maiden-aandoend gitaarwerk werkt aanstekelijk. Tel daarbij de prima productie op en je hebt een EP die behoorlijk goed te pruimen is. Strak en doelmatig als de band echter klinkt is het struikelblok in dezen zangeres Sara, die laat horen dat ze het zeker kan, maar nog net te vaak de plank misslaat. Het is allemaal nét te veel tegen het valse aan en qua zanglijnen nét niet lekker passend bij de muziek dat het nog wel eens storend wil worden. Als de band daar nog aan weet te werken hebben we volgend jaar, zodra de Portugezen hun eerste volledige plaatwerk uitbrengen, een ijzersterke release in handen. De potentie is er.”

"[...]Highlight tracks include "Sign Of Deliverance" for the melodic chugs of the guitars that can either be furious and heavy, or slow down a bit for some more complex and lively sounds such as during the solos. The only downside is this EP is only six tracks and before one knows it, it is over. However, even within only six tracks this proves Chaos In Paradise is a very talented band with lots of variation between heavy and softer parts in each track. The balance reflects the natural gravitation of the music in trying to reach all the good aspects of metal, and on top of that the great production and vocal talent such as on "Sanzu River" really makes it a treat. Chaos In Paradise very well could become one of those leading bands in metal alongside the likes of groups such as Eyes Set To Kill, Kittie, or In This Moment while still having their own' sound' in just a short amount of time. They just need to keep doing what they're doing with 'Let The Bliss Remain.[...]"

"[...]SIGN OF DELIVERANCE has the band sitting back and just jamming out the song. With some very ragged bass in the background we hear some very tight and crisp female vocals that allow her to flow into an awesome higher register scream. For the head banger in me the band provided THE HUNTER. SARA’s vocals absolutely steal this song and her work in the melodic chorus shows her musical talent aside from just being a vocalist. CHAOS IN PARADISE turns up the aggressiveness in BEYOND THE HORIZON. The rapid fire of the song adds to the aggressiveness. The talent voice and strong musicians are only going to grow and become stronger as they get around more experienced talent on the road. Once they start writing material that is geared towards their strengths they are definitely going to be a force to reckon with. As for the current piece LET THE BLISS REMAIN I recommend picking it up as we all like to own a piece of heavy metal’s future.[...]" 7.5/10

"[...]This EP starts off slowly with the appropriately-named “Inertia”, but it quickly becomes apparent that it is just a prelude as it morphs into the next song, “Sign of Deliverance” where some hard-drivin’ music and big production values really kick the EP into high gear. The dynamic changes in this song really take the listener on an emotional up-and-down journey and the big sound of the mix makes this song even more compelling. The singer has a distinctive and unusual sound that she delivers in her own style. She is also very versatile in her ability to sing sweetly and not-so-sweetly, and also scream/growl, all of which she does passionately and convincingly. Call me a cave woman because I don’t think very many women can pull off this kind of music, but your vocalist really does. The musicianship overall is of very high quality, with every band member doing justice to their instrument. This EP sounds radio-ready.[...]"

"[...]Let the Bliss Remain” opens with an atmospheric intro, before the next track turns up the heat and steps on the gas peddle. From then on it’s a roller coaster of highs and lows, startling melodies, and a few unexpected instrumental elements, like an unplugged electric, the opener that sounds a little like a spooky music box. The labyrinth this ep follows is multi-facited. Not only are the instrumental elements and beats unpredictable, but you never know if you will get melodic vocals or razor-sharp screaming. This is a very challenging listen. Chaos in Paradise has created music that is both intense and unpredictable, and its hard to get your barings. Once you do, it is like any other roller coaster—one crazy ride.[...]" 80/100

"[...]With «Let The Bliss Remain», Chaos In Paradise states an improvement from their previous demo and also presents a sound that will and is conquering many fans around all the globe. Their sound is a mix between Progressive Metal and Metalcore, that even without very catchy melodies and linear structures, is very pleasing since the first listen. Alternating from the grunts to a clean voice Sara makes sure to give a charismatic side to her voice, especially in the clean parts, sounding strong and emotional. Chaos In Paradise keeps the excellent composition work, particularly on the track «Beyond the Horizon»: moving from Progressive to Experimental and even Industrial sounds, there isn’t a monotonous time. The listener will always be into the song. Their sound is what many metalheads want to hear and it will give them many opportunities to succeed. The band is also planning an album for 2012 and the fans will surely attend to it with many expectations.[...]" NOTE: 15/20

“[...] The beginning of the album starts with a 2 minute intro [...] it reverted into Sign of Deliverance which really puts an edge on the album straight away. [...] The third song Awareness is just as fantastic as the previous, the guitars and drums are so insane and metal [...] Beginning with a beautiful piano melody The Hunter is the fourth song on this EP [...] Going with the same dynamic of fast paced and insane this song halts half way through and becomes very melodic and shows the true extent of Sara’s voice [...] everyone in this piece is as talented as everyone else. The penultimate song Beyond the Horizon is just as great as every other song on this EP. It really hits home that this band are quite unique. [...] Last song on the EP entitled Sanzu River, the vocals are clear and amazing, accompanied by soft drumming, a piano and a slow guitar until it perks up and goes more rocky. [...] A beautiful way to finish off a great piece of art. I hope they make it to the UK soon. 5/5”

"Os CHAOS IN PARADISE são um grupo que nasceu com qualquer coisa de especial. Para este "Let The Bliss Remain" a banda mantém uma ou outra permissa e evolui noutras tantas características até aqui escondidas da sua música. Menos Pop, igualmente Rock, recheado de melodia e de sentido, a voz de Sara atinge contornos mais agressivos, mesclando o gutural, com um registo natural. As aproximações a vocalistas que se situem nesta área são naturais mas também não nos parece que esteja aqui a maior das preocupações da banda. Não sabemos se o caminho da banda será esse. Talvez não seja. Possivelmente iremos continuar a assistir (a ouvir entenda-se) a uma banda que mistura o Rock de forma habilidosa que lhe adicione condimentos Pop, Metal ou aqui e ali progressivos. O que se regista com este Ep é que a banda confirma as boas indicações deixadas na demo, uma banda que tem um potencial enorme e que pode chegar longe."

“Peut-être vous rappelez-vous de la chronique de la démo de Chaos in Paradise, petit groupe portugais qui nous proposait alors un metal pêchu et sympathique ? A l'écoute de ce premier EP, force est de constater que leur son s'est modernisé, explorant un peu plus les chemins du metal alternatif et parfois même du metalcore. En parlant metalcore, le chant de Sara a aussi pas mal évolué et la demoiselle navigue désormais entre chant clair et grunts à la In this Moment. On ne ressent plus trop les racines progressives du groupe, si ce n'est dans la qualité des compositions. Chaque titre est un tube en puissance, mélange d'énergie et d'efficacité ! Bien sûr, le style n'est pas vraiment original mais comme c'est bien fait et bien produit, on ne peut pas se plaindre... C'est un peu dur de se faire une idée avec juste quelques titres, mais tout cela semble bien prometteur... Un groupe à suivre! 16/20”

“Há mesmo momentos mais pesados (embora a melodia continue a ser a principal arma do colectivo) e há várias partes gritadas mas o mais surpreendente é que é a vocalista Sara que além de cantar (e bem) neste EP, as faz! Mas é no registo cantado que Sara mais brilha neste trabalho, demonstrando uma clara evolução e mais segurança em relação ao que conhecia da mesma na demo. As guitarras estão muito bem na criação de melodias e solos muito mais memoráveis e contangiantes do que na demo e a secção ritmica assumiu neste EP um papel muito mais preponderante. De referir a excelente produção de Paulo Lopes nos SoundVision Studios que deu a qualidade sonora e definição que os temas precisavam. Os Chaos in Paradise estão de parabéns pela brutal evolução demonstrada em "Let the Bliss Remain" e deixam aqui muito boas indicações acerca do que poderão fazer no seu álbum de estreia. Nota: 8/10”

“[...] Desde logo, e à partida, as referências verificadas na sua estreia homónima ficam completamente esmagadas por um aumento de peso e agressividade, nomeadamente ao nível vocal. Isto implica que o epicentro deste terramoto se deslocou no sentido sueco das influências. [...] Só que agora o poder espalhou-se aos vocais, ao mesmo tempo, que as estruturas se tornaram mais dinâmicas e criativas. Por isso, aconselha-se aos mais incautos ouvintes que se protejam de alguma radioatividade que a banda portuense vai libertando. Este é um EP poderoso, muito coeso, cheio de garra e feeling, que volta a apostar (como já tinha acontecido em Chaos In Paradise) num turbilhão sonoro cheio de pormenores estruturais e rítmicos interessantes. Para esse salto qualitativo anteriormente referido muito terá contribuído a estabilidade da formação e a melhoria ao nível do processo produtivo. Isto sem esquecer, o natural incremento de uma identidade própria.”

“[...] On note dès Sign of Deliverance de nombreux changements de tempo et de contre-temps qui peuvent, encore une fois, déstabiliser l'auditeur et le perdre dans cet océan de cris à s'en détruire les cordes vocales, de batterie et de guitares déchaînées. Toutefois, le groupe ne tarie pas de mélodies intéressantes, comme sur The Hunter, qui débute sur de douces notes de synthés, avant de renchérir en agressivité et en grunts occasionnels, pour enfin terminer sur une très bonne démonstration de guitare soliste et de chant passionné. [...] Le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est que Chaos in Paradise ne cède pas à la facilité et s'essaie sans cesse à des structures complexes qui feraient rougir le classique couplet-refrain-couplet-pont-refrain. [...] Un groupe, donc, dont on attend beaucoup pour la suite de leur carrière et qui promet d'évoluer vers quelque chose de plus travaillé afin d'affirmer leur identité.”

“[...] Fast forward to 2011 and the band present us with this EP. To my ears, this is one for fans of In This Moment, with Sara giving us clean and screamo vocals. The album tends to lead us into a false sense of security, with opener 'Inertia', being a quiet intro before 'Sign of Deliverance' fires it's way out of the speakers with all guns blazing. 'Awareness' offers no let up with pounding drums and Sara's awesome clean/screamo vocal style, together with a cool melodic chorus. 'The Hunter' (one of my faves on this EP) offers no let up and has another cool chorus showcasing the more melodic style of Sara's voice, plus a quieter dreamier interlude mid song. 'Beyond The Horizon' and 'Sanzu River' close this little opus, the latter being a very melodic number. To summarise, okay, this has been done before, but if you like music in the style of In This Moment, this is worth checking out their facebook. 8.25/10”