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Chad Wild / Press

“All About You “This is pretty nice. Its definitly a hit. I love the guitar throughout the whole song. Its really kool. The lyrics is off the hook. I love your voice its very catchy. The rhythm and the beat goes together perfectlty. You will go far with a voice and song like this.””

“Very Romantic! Very romantic and sexy in a classy way! Fantastic singer! One of the best new singers I've heard lately. Great lyrics! When the singer starts mixing it up with a lot of lyrics and variation in his singing right up to the great ending it is amazing! However in the first part of the song although the lyrics are perfect it is a melody I have heard many times. If the singer could mix it up more and vary this melody right from the beginning with a more original sounding "chorus" this would get and keep people's attention much more and set this song apart from the crowd. ”

“get U a producer or great engineer/studio and a kick a$$ live drummer... nice voice and guitar work!!! ”

“In Plain Cite this was pretty good work, id like to hear you doing something else, cause your voice is authentic and raw and thats a rare thing to be heard especially in now a days music, i do like the lyrics and delivery so wonderful job there keep it up ”

“Nice This Band is worth another listen very talented musicians Illinois, United States 02.15.13”

“Review Nice voice. NIce lyricks. Makes me want to hit a bar and get a couple of pitchers of beer. With that being said, this band makes me wanna go out. I hope all other song are better than this one or just as good. Georgia, United States 02.14.13”

“Blues Lives! I am a huge fan of blues travelers, Muddy Waters, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Rait, King Curtis! This is a Clear Warm New Orleans night having drinks with friends in a local bar & grill! Such a great feeling of enjoying friends over some energetic smooth tunes. He has a good voice for the genre of blues that fans should have no problem listening to and supporting! California, United States”

“All About U Review Hey there man, i really enjoyed the song "All About U". One thing that really stood out to me was the funky-ness of the guitar. The singers voice was also very good. This is definitely a song to get your head going. One thing that i didn't so much like was the constant repetitiveness. The drums sound to be the same throughout the whole song, and i had to have heard the words, "Im all about you" 50 times. Other then that, i really enjoyed the song and look forward to hearing more. Pennsylvania, United States ”

“All About U It's classic, the back beat runs true. You can dance to it. The lead guitar is great, the vocal performance is strong and it's well recorded. But, there is a self sameness to the production- it never strays far from the riff, the dynamics never vary. I would welcome a stop or two, or a quieter passage leading to a climax. The drums are too regular- snare on 1 and 3 start to finish, sounds like a machine. I would edit out a few snare hits and add a few tom fills. The title... All About U doesn't do it for me. Either it's "All About You" or "All About Chu" If I were the person the song was about I would rather be You than U My 2 cents, New Hampshire, United States ”

“All about you Great voice in this tune. The guitar is very good played as the Bass as well. The beat is very good. Maybe i'll put some different instruments here. Something to have a break in the middle of the song. But i liked very much. Congratulations and keep making good music. Brazil ”

“ The Importance of an Amazing Live Show If you are like me...a true music fan who loves an amazing live show…this subject is for you! Before I begin writing this article, I am going to turn on some really cool background music to set the right mood for myself. My goal tonight is to get thru this writing experience without it turning into a long winded –soapbox preaching – pontificating diatribe filled with expletive peppered rants. This is one of those subject matters (next to songwriting) that I am very passionate about..because next to music sales..it is one of the only revenue streams left for Bands and Solo Artists to make a living from that they have 100% control of. Ok…are you ready? Here we go! I want you to close your eyes and imagine the first concert that you ever went to…you saved your money for weeks to buy a ticket and to have some extra m”

“Song Title: All About U I think that this song could use a little bit of tweaking to get it more commercial-ready. Good job at using repetition for the hook. It really helps to spotlight the title. Also good job at going to a new chord (the four chord) when beginning the refrain section ("I'm Fallin…."). This definitely gives us a little bit of contrast and shows us that we're in a new section. However, since you sing "I'm All About You" quite a bit in the verses, it might be nice to have a varied melody on the title in the refrain (chorus) section. Having a varying melody here might inevitably change up the phrasing, which would also be refreshing. Overall, work for a little bit more contrast with your hook once you get to the chorus (which I'm also calling the refrain, since it's just a couple of lines long). ”

“Hearing just the first track, "Never Let You Go", I can tell that you're a great musician and a natural! What a great voice! I think that you have made a good decision to dedicate more time to music. However, since you've been out of the music scene for years (according to your bio), your sound tends to be a little bit dated. Be sure that you pay attention to the current music trends and, while you don't necessarily want to be a trendy artist, it will keep you sounding fresh and up to date. I think that you're on to the start of a good thing, so work to listen to what's out there now, and see where you can envision your sound going, and where it could possibly fit in.”