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Cesspool / Press

“You will either love or despise this band... Cesspool is by far the most original and different band I have heard this year. Different is good and Cesspool is great!”

“You could listen through 1,000 complete CDs and still hear nothing close to Cesspool. Strangely beautiful.”


“If you detest Frank Zappa, you should run away now! But if the Mothers and Captain Beefheart is your cup of tea, get ready to have your thirst quenched... If you're looking for a super surreal record experience, pick up I Can't Wait. Enjoy the insanity!”

“Dude, when you're drunk, you become VIOLENT! Last night you were in the front yard, throwing huge pieces of wood around. I mean, what the fuck, man?”

Greg Battista

“Wildly imaginative and totally entertaining... the songs on I Can't Wait are obviously too far out for the general public. But our guess is that the folks in this band don't really give a damn. There is so much creativity going on here that it is, at times, totally overwhelming. Five stars.”

“You spat in my silverware drawer, and I am going to take legal action.”

Derek Dion, Dave's ex-roommate