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“3 Years in a row Artist of the year, 4 years in a row a 717 Music Awards performer, 8 time winners. Hows that all sound? Carving Out Fiction is now the leader with 8 Awards trophies topping everybody. The band is a staple for the awards and might as well be our house band for the show. As usual the band blasted through and amazing set which included Gumby and an absolutely beautiful acoustic rendition of the single of the year "Eleanore, 1968". Yep, you might as well right them in for next year. They even were kind enough to allow me on stage to announce the June 6th Red Jumpsuit Apparitus Show coming to Gulliftys.”

“Carving Out Fiction was the winner of Artist of the Year and Best Hard Rock Band for 2013 at the 717 Music Awards.”

Nick Meyers - 717 Entertainment

"Carving Out Fiction was the winner of Artist of the Year and Album of the Year at the 2012 717 Music Awards"

Nick Meyers - 717 Entertainment

“Carving Out Fiction was named Best New Band and their album "The Art In Havok" was named Album of the Year at the 717 Music Awards for 2011.”

Nick Meyers/717 Entertainment/The Doctor's Office - 717 Music Awards

“Local music fans have spoken and the region's best local bands will be recognized Saturday at the fifth annual 717 Music Awards at Gullifty's Underground. "The award show is to reward the local musicians for all the work they do," said organizer Nick Meyers, a concert booker and promoter with the Doctors Office. Seven bands will perform at the 717 Music Awards. They are: Carving Out Fiction This rock band out of York is nominated for best new artist and album of the year awards. The group started as a solo project but is now a four-piece band. Its latest CD is "The Art in Havok,"and its latest single is "Conversation's End." The band has been compared to GlassJaw, Thrice, Thursday, Green Day, Incubus, Placebo and Alkaline Trio. ”

“Ah! Here we go. Carving Out Fiction has a pretty different vibe about them, and I loved it... for some weird reason. The way they blended indie and radio-rock into their own sound works out. Sure, some of their songs are a little too similar to things you'd hear on the radio (it's like Gullifty's had a special night for this, huh?), but there are points where I thought, "Alright, I get it. That's the sound they're going for." If they could bring that out just a little more, and leave behind the generic pieces, I think there would really be something there for the world to be interested in. Carving Out Fiction is pretty good live too, and once again, has some great recordings for you to check out. Be sure to do that too, because they might be a band worth following in the near future if they can hone into their own sound that screams "WE ARE CARVING OUT FICTION!" ”