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Chris Smith / Press

“Smith has that certain ability to meld the old time roots of this region with a more timely awareness in lyrics, presentation and structure. The songs on Love & War are not particularly plaintive or melancholy as with someone like Ray LaMontagne, but I feel both LaMontagne and Smith come from a similar school. Talented in many facets, it's Smith's storytelling that really sells these songs. It's rather intuitive to feel where he's coming from, and there's a Dylan-esque quality that pops up frequently — a complete non-sequitur that perfectly captures the essence of what he's trying to say, connecting viscerally with the listener's own absurd experience.”

“I was pleasantly surprised tonight, going in for dinner at One Stop in Asheville after work, to discover Chris Smith, whose music goes by the name CarolinaBound, performing. There are SO MANY singer-songwriters out there, but this one stands apart in the crowd with great writing and performance. He played this beautiful song that included lyrics about being young, about laughing like thunder and looking up at blue skies and it took me back to being eight years old lying on a hill below my house and watching the clouds go by and imagining that I could feel the earth turning. It took me back to a time before the world made me apprehensive, to a place I'm trying to return to (and he just may have helped me get there).”