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Captain Eyeball / Press

“CAPTAIN EYEBALL, HELIOS CREED/CHROME The Conservatory, The event was a time machine adventure. In the mid-to-late Nineties in Norman there was an incredible scene. It blossomed around the Chainsaw Kittens uprising and thrived in the streets... ... Captain Eyeball's name is Ted Drake. Drake is a notorious character. He's a real honest-to-gawd weirdo. Drake, in the early part of the Nineties, was in a skateboard accident (that's not what make Drake a weirdo - Drake was already a weirdo); Drake is the guitar player. How does he play the guitar with his left arm? That's the arm that plays the chords... Drake's approach to guitar and songwriting all developed around his situation. Drake manipulates the sound through effect pedals, volume tooling, and various bangs and picks. Drake is also the singer. Ted Drake is Captain Eyeball... Captain Eyeball is an old-school-art-punk-hardcore band.”

H. Barry Zimmerman - Oklahoma Gazette