Cannonball Statman / Press

“...Statman was angst, humor, blinding talent and shocking red hair all zipped up in an American Flag costume.”

“With his great mop of curly hair surging as he head-banged and ripped into his guitar, Statman was a bristling ball of energy. Marrying his grunge folk attack to an earnest, off-kilter manner that recalled Jonathan Richman, Statman introduced absurdist songs about being half man-half-black-Labrador-retriever, and spying for the French government by swimming the English channel with entertaining, non-sequitur explanations.”

“On Saturday evening, about 40 people, most in their 20s, gathered in the building’s basement to watch a series of bands with names like Cannonball Statman and Black Market Merchants.”

“His sense of fun is infectious, and his shameless innocence is endearing. Statman is the sort who may well conquer the world, if he doesn’t destroy it first.”

“...Statman adds additional fuel to the fire of rock with his big hair that is appropriately utilized in much head banging. Our eyeballs were also fed well with visuals such as the best dressed panda I’ve ever seen in my life playing keyboard...If you’re a fan of grunge influenced rock or driving rock music I suggest marking down the next show of Jesse “Cannonball” Statman’s rock band on your calendar.”