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Cameron Ernst / Press

“Cameron Ernst, the final performer of the evening delivered a cool, quirky set of his original material, including the fun pick-up song “Hello, What’s Your Name?” and sentimental ballad, “Finally.” Greenberg thought Cameron’s musicianship was fantastic and Lurssen agreed, suggesting that Cameron think about adding some strings to the arrangements.”

“Some may classify Ernst as a modern day Shakespeare, chasing the fairy tale love story in his lyrics. But it’s not always a happy ending. Ernst exposes vulnerability and heartbreak in his music as well. He also writes lyrics about life lessons, with inspirational undertones. The common thread that links each song together is they are all driven by raw emotions. “I write about songs that are real situations that happen to me or people I know and I feel like people can relate with those real situations,” said Ernst. Ernst is propelled into the real world, with one big leap of faith. Earning a college degree from the University of Southern California, he is foregoing a traditional job and pursuing his passion. “I think your passion is given to you for a reason and you should go after that and stay true to it,” said Ernst.”

“Cameron is an incredibly talented musician—plays both piano and guitar—with an extraordinary and dynamic voice. I have had the great fortune of watching Cameron mature as a musician and each song he writes is better than the previous one. He gathers inspiration for his music from real life situations, which makes it relatable. And he is constantly pushing himself to make his music bolder and better. One might compare Cameron to Jon McLaughlin or The Fray. But Cameron has worked hard to find his own sound that reflects himself as an artist. He even “Cameronizes” the top 20 songs he covers on his youtube channel.”

"But now Zen Vendetta must face the lone solo artist of the Fab 4: Andover, Kansas native and current Los Angeles college student Cameron Ernst, whose piano-driven ballad "Not One To Complain" has made him a star equally impossible to beat." -Referencing MakeAStar.com contest in which Cameron placed in the top 4 in the nation

““What is your Legacy?” – song competition submission by two 21 year old USC students – shows power of music (and amazing talent out there) “What is Your Legacy?” – a new song we just received for the 2010 song competition – asks all of us what we will do to make an impact in this life. The creators – 21-year old Cameron Ernst & Devon Feldmeth – say they were inspired by the plight of child soldiers in Uganda, and the movement, Invisible Children, to help.”