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Cabinet / Press

“While I had long thought that bluegrass is not for everyone, after I first heard Cabinet, a crowd-pleasing band from Northeast Pennsylvania, I began to reconsider that assessment. Still, the sound of Cabinet is more than just bluegrass, as they have a touch of blues and a bit of soul along with a funky side that will pull just about anyone out of a lousy mood. (Click link to read entire review)”

"With a tasty blend of banjo, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass and acoustic guitar, the six-piece group has caught the ears of bluegrass aficionados, jam band lovers and even fans in the indie/all-ages scene."

Michael Lello - The Weekender

"In the middle of one particularly long extended jam, I thought about how great it would have been to have that song playing in my car's stereo as I drove around Harveys Lake with the windows and sunroof open on a gorgeous summer day."

Dave Thackara - Electric City