We usually try not to bombard you with too many emails or announcements, but this next show is so amazing. This year's 6 winners of the Grassy Hill Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition - each of whom is fully deserving of a full headlining show - will play in-the-round at Open Ears Concerts on Tuesday November 5. This is the sixth of six emails with information about each of the winners. We hope to see you tomorrow night!

Adrianne Lenker was a child prodigy who recorded her first album of original music at age 13 and toured nationally at 14. Then, at age 16, she decided to turn away from almost certain stardom and toward artistry. She earned a scholarship to Berklee School of Music, where she studied voice, guitar, songwriting, and philosophy, and recorded a record with a group of friends. In her bio, she says of this record “Ringing Bells was sort of a ribbon around my years at school and I only hope that listeners will be soothed by the spirit from which is was born, one of curiosity and of longing."  These key words - sooth, spirit, curiosity, longing - provide a nice glimpse into her songs. Full of rich melodies, insightful lyrics, pleasing voices, and just enough pop sensibility and production to make these recordings immensely accessible, she certainly has the tools to reach stardom.  But if she does, she will have done it on her own terms and following a deeply meaningful path.


Check out her music at http://www.adrianne.com and then come see her in person Tuesday November 5, 2013.  Doors and potluck at 6 pm, show at 7. $15 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.  http://www.openearsconcerts.com for more details.

John Batdorf

Sat Feb 28 2015  06:00 PM
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