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Friday February 28
228 Presents: Ballroom Spies, The National Bird, The Nocturnal Jocks, Sans Blix

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Saturday March 1st

Trespass the Music of Genesis


Trespass -The Music of Genesis, will be performing the albums "Nursery Cryme" & "Foxtrot" in their entirety, plus more from "Selling England by the Pound". Trespass is a tribute to the early years of the British progressive rock band Genesis. The songs are culled from the dawning of the group’s popularity with Peter Gabriel fronting the band. Trespass performs this wonderfully complex music with an emphasis on presenting the layered sounds of the original recordings, as well as the excitement of well-crafted live presentation. Trespass’s new lineup features the delicious talents of Brian Filone (Vocals/Flute), Michael LaBuono (Keyboards), the fabulous Britton brothers Marc (Guitars) and Flip (Bass/Guitars) and Brian “BP” Powers (Drums). With the musical excellence of Michael, Marc, Flip and BP along with Brian Filone's very Gabrielesque vocals, flute and stage theatrics (including various batwings, hats, flowerhead, capes, masks, props, puppets, and clever song introduction stories) "Trespass-The Music of Genesis" is a must see show for fans of the extraordinary music of Genesis.

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Sunday February 23

OPEN MIC  at 7pm 
Hosted by Ted The Fiddler

Sign-ups @ 7:00

$4 admission / only $3 for performers

$2 for BYOB


March 8, 2014
The tributes are back!
Rust and Pure Jerry

With special guest performance: Electrified

RUST recreates the unique acoustic and electric sound of Neil Young, with vocals that are very close to Neil's own voice. They take you from Neil's early work in the 60's through his current releases.

"PURE JERRY" is just that; 100% Garcia music played LIVE.Whether taken from his days with the Good ol' Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Old and In The Way, Legion Of Mary, any incarnation of the Jerry Garcia Band or PURE JERRY focuses on the music written and performed by the iconic musician.


March 15, 2014
Francis Dunnery

Francis Dunnery spent much of his life as a British Rock Star. He lent his guitar playing skills for such respected artists as Robert Plant, Santana, Yes, Lauren Hill and Ian Brown. He spent the past 25 years pursuing his incomparable music career as well as studying psychology and astrology. His style can be brash and down to earth yet he’s capable of singing achingly, beautiful music that penetrates the soul. This concert will have you laughing, crying and thinking all at the same time.

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PLAY Sat Aug 02 14, 06:00 PM
The Escape, An Honest Year, The Rescue, Modern Suits
Tickets: $8
PLAY Sat Aug 09 14, 08:00 PM
TheOne2s, risen resilient, BlackRue
Tickets: $10.
Immediately after HollyStock in NJ we will make the trek back to PA to rock Chaplins! All 3 bands together again! Risen Risilient and The One 2's. If you missed these 3 bands take the stage last time you won't want to miss it again!
PLAY Sat Aug 09 14, 08:00 PM
Kat Bohn, Risen Resilient, TheOne2s, BlackRue
Tickets: $10
Risen Resilient with The One2's and BlackRue 8PM ALL AGES $10.
  Fri Aug 15 14, 07:00 PM
Egocentric Plastic Men, Gape
Tickets: $10
PLAY Sat Aug 16 14, 07:00 PM
Ellie Perez , Tre Todd, Dave Stango
Tickets: $10
PLAY Fri Aug 22 14, 07:00 PM
Emily Neblock, Kirsten Arian, Melo Hippy
Tickets: $10
  Fri Aug 29 14, 07:00 PM
Steve Madonna
Tickets: $10
PLAY Sat Aug 30 14, 06:00 PM
On My Honor, Brosef Gordon Levitt, Retake the Video, Home Again
Tickets: $10
PLAY Thu Sep 18 14, 08:00 PM
Harpeth Rising
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