Thunderbird Cafe

4023 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412 682 0177

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PLAY Wed Oct 01 14, 07:00 PM
Les Racquet
Tickets: $10    Age Limit: 21+
  Thu Oct 02 14, 08:00 PM
Jasper Lewis, The Rents
Tickets: $5    Age Limit: 21+
  Fri Oct 03 14, 08:00 PM
Tickets: $10    Age Limit: 21+
✦ /// BEE VS MOTH (US/Austin) With surprising instrumentation, innovative songwriting, quirky melodies, and a healthy sense humor, Bee vs. Moth plays music that defies traditional categories. The band has one foot in the world of jazz and creative improvisation, and the other firmly planted on a distortion pedal. Is Bee vs. Moth serious or silly? Virtuosic or spazzy? We’ll find the answer somewhere between doom metal and a brass band. ✦ /// JEREMY BIBLE (US/Ohio) Jeremy Bible is an Ohio based interdisciplinary artist and founder of the influential empire. For two decades he has explored the fringes of media through sound, visual and installation works. His sound works are both richly mesmerizing and expansively isolating. Current a/v performances are focused on exploring rhythm through dismembering his multiverse of influences, from dance/techno/bass music, world & avant-garde/experimental genres, examining them through a fractured lens towards contorting and reassembling the elements into something all together mutant. Heavy use of poly-rhythms, clock manipulations & the stereo field are explored through a unique combination of midi sequencer/sampler/mixer workouts combined with a custom digital/analog hybrid modular system creating a strong sense of contrast between fluidity and rigidity. On the visual end, Bible’s live-generated imagery harkens a place between Ryoji Ikeda and 70s light films. ✦ /// BUFFALO STANCE (US/Philadelphia) Buffalo Stance is Philadelphia’s keyboard/synth extraordinaire, Jamey Robinson. With an ever-shifting live show, Jamey presents his fresh melodies and quirky rhythms in different festive formats, guaranteed to light up the dancefloor. Always exciting, never the same, Buffalo Stance conjures sonic imagery of Jean-Jacques Perrey, Funkadelic, & Moondog to name a few. Formerly part of the wild Philadelphia art collective Need New Body and a longtime touring member of Man Man, Buffalo Stance continues Jamey’s experimental lineage with a brand new take on electronic composition via stacks of synthesizers and rump shaking beats. Buffalo Stance is currently finishing up its 2015 Data Garden debut recording, Drive To Dark Sky Dome. ✦ /// TELEQUANTA (US/Philadelphia) Electronic musician, graphic designer and member of the Philadelphia-based Data Garden artist collective, Telequanta is known for multi-dimensional psychedelic synth-wave productions. He began releasing solo works under his own name (J.Termini) until the moniker Telequanta was developed by visual artist and collaborator, Patrick Schlitzer. Since then, the duo has been performing live to showcase their original audio/visual compositions. ✦ /// Visuals by Jeremy Bible
  Sat Oct 04 14, 08:00 PM
Grievous Angels, The Turpentiners
Tickets: $5    Age Limit: 21+
  Sun Oct 05 14, 07:00 PM
Tickets: $10, 15    Age Limit: 21+
✦ /// STEVE GUNN (US/New York) Producing volumes of critically acclaimed recordings, Gunn’s output represents milestones in contemporary guitar-driven, forward music spanning nearly fifteen years. ✦ /// CIRCUIT DES YEUX (US/Louisville) A project of singer Haley Fohr, Circuit des Yeux (named for the nerve in the eye that supplies power to act of seeing) employs lo-fi bedroom-style recording techniques to create a dramatic, dark sound. ✦ /// MARY LATTIMORE & JEFF ZEIGLER DUO (US/Philadelphia) Harp, guitar, synth, and melodica. Mary Lattimore is a classically trained harpist, whose collaborations have seen her working with such esteemed luminaries as Kurt Vile, Meg Baird, Thurston Moore, Ed Askew, Fursaxa, Jarvis Cocker and Sharon Van Etten. Zeigler makes a worthy sideman whose contemplative Korg echoes that hold a mood. Website:
  Mon Oct 06 14, 08:00 PM
Tickets: No Cover    Age Limit: 21+
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