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MUDVILLE MUSIC ROOM, Jacksonville, FL 32207     Phone: 904-352-7008
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Free Admission (Donations appreciated)
PLAY Thu Sep 18 14, 07:30 PM
The Rockin' Jake Band
Tickets: $12/15
Blues- Rockin' Jake has been hailed by many as one of the premier harmonica players in the country. His original sound is a hybrid of second line, swamp funk, blues and zydeco with influences from Paul Butterfield, Big Walter Horton, James Cotton, The Meters,WAR, J. Geils Band, Clifton Chenier, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Jake has conjured up this formula that is blowing crowds away from coast to coast. Widely known as a touring juggernaut among his peers, his schedule of over 200 performances per year include clubs, concert venues, and festivals.
  Fri Sep 19 14, 07:30 PM
Terry Whitehead
Tickets: $10
CD Release Terry's "Garden" CD Release Concert The following talented "gardeners" will be performing the "Garden" songs with Terry: Dave Knopsnyder (guitar) Beau Halton (drums) Linda Minke (cello) Rachel Kamps (piano) Tamara Colonna (vocals) John Peyton (upright bass) Warren Miller (keyboard) John Shilby (harmonica) Ken Anoff (percussion) Roy Peak (fretless bass) Robin Soergel (accordion) The evening will also feature a special performance by Rachel Kamps and a fun wrap-up by Side Track Band (Terry & Dave joined by Beau Halton and Warren Miller).
PLAY Wed Sep 24 14, 07:30 PM
Mike Shackelford, Michael Munn, Luke Peacock, Steve Shanholtzer
Tickets: $10
Mike's Mic - an evening of music and conversation
PLAY Thu Sep 25 14, 07:30 PM
Nikki Talley, Jason Sharp
Tickets: $10
Nikki Talley is a hardworking, energetic, mountain girl with a big voice. She is one half of a FULL TIME touring husband & wife DUO based out of Asheville, NC contributing acoustic guitar, clawhammer banjo & of course her trademark stunning vocals. Since January 2012 she & husband Jason Sharp, who accompanies her on finger style & flat picking guitar as well as bass, have played 200+ shows in over 20 states touring out of their Chevy van, Blue Bell,
  Tue Sep 30 14, 07:30 PM
Kalal Duo
Tickets: $10
  Fri Oct 03 14, 07:30 PM
Verlon Thompson
Tickets: $15
Songwriters seem to flourish on the fertile Oklahoma plains. Woody Guthrie, Roger Miller, Leon Russell, J.J. Cale and Jimmy Webb. Add Verlon Thompson to that list. Thirty years as a professional songwriter and traveling troubadour serve as credentials. As a solo performer, and as the trusted sidekick of Texas Americana songwriting icon Guy Clark, Verlon has viewed the world from stages everywhere from Barcelona to Binger (his hometown in Oklahoma). Along the way Verlon Thompson compositions have been recorded by Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson, Anne Murray, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Del McCoury, Sam Bush, Trisha Yearwood and many more. Equally important in his songwriting and live performances, Verlon's guitar work cannot go unnoticed. His guitar can be heard on recordings by Restless Heart, Pam Tillis, and many more, including, and especially Guy Clark. Verlon has co-produced Guy Clark's Grammy nominated cd "Cold Dog Soup" as well as "The Dark", "Workbench Songs" and "Somedays the Song Writes You". As the in-house musician for Genuine Human Productions (genuinehuman.com) Thompson scores themes and background music for documentaries and special film projects. Verlon Thompson is currently on the road. Or in the studio. Or writing in his bunkhouse on the river in Tennessee... ....but never far from the fertile plains of Oklahoma.
  Tue Oct 07 14, 07:30 PM
Songrwiters' Contest
Tickets: $5
For details go to www.RayLewisPresents.com
PLAY Thu Oct 09 14, 07:30 PM
Claude Bourbon
Tickets: $10
International Guitar Great
PLAY Sat Oct 11 14, 07:30 PM
Peter Case, Arvid Smith
Tickets: $15
After his tenure in the proto-power pop band the Nerves, and following the dissolution of his early-'80s Los Angeles rock & roll band the Plimsouls, Peter Case launched a career as an influential American singer/songwriter specializing in fingerpicked acoustic guitar and redemptive story songs about society's outcasts and drifters, delivered in a uniquely soulful folk-rock style. Case's secret weapon is his powerhouse voice; combined with his imaginative and visionary songwriting and his ability to blow real harmonica licks, he's well respected among his peers and a perennial favorite among serious listeners. By the turn of the century, longevity was working in his favor as he continued to set the bar for contemporary singer/songwriter music.
PLAY Tue Oct 14 14, 07:30 PM
Mark Stuart
Tickets: $10
PLAY Thu Oct 16 14, 07:30 PM
Larry Mangum's Songwriters' Circle, Mindy Simmons, Brian Smalley
Tickets: $10
Songwriters in the Round
PLAY Fri Oct 17 14, 07:30 PM
Underhill Rose
Tickets: $12
Harmonies. Soul-touching lyrics. Eye-catching stage presence. Underhill Rose has put its talents to work to become synonymous with beautiful music, charming personalities and, recently, increased momentum. With Eleanor playing her distinctive claw-hammer style on a Deering banjo along with harmonica, Molly Rose on guitar and Salley plucking the upright bass, the trio has carved out a place in the Americana scene with songs that run the gamut from heart wrenching to sassy and playful to thought-provoking. Eleanor’s salty blues-inspired voice and Molly’s soaring range lead the group in tandem with Salley’s country twang to create three-part harmony music that is real and inspired, and rooted in everything life has thrown at Asheville, North Carolina’s pre-eminent female trinity. Molly Rose and Eleanor Underhill’s musical partnership is the result of a chance meeting at a makeshift performance of “Angel from Montgomery” between classes at Warren Wilson College. Molly Rose’s beautiful voice resonated with Eleanor, and the two eventually started performing live together. Their affinity for the music they make has kept them together for more than 12 years. Underhill Rose formed in 2009, and the addition of Salley Williamson two years later created the foundation for an internationally-recognized female trio known for blending aspects of Americana, rhythm and blues, country and bluegrass into an authentic sound that is all their own—“Heartfelt Country Soul.”
PLAY Wed Oct 22 14, 07:30 PM
Mike Shackelford, Julie Durden, Ernie Evans, Steve Shanholtzer
Tickets: $10
Mike's Mic - an evening of songs and conversation
PLAY Thu Oct 30 14, 07:30 PM
Paul Garfinkel, Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, Kay Garfinkel
Tickets: $10
Paul Garfinkel is a contemporary acoustic folk singer/songwriter living in Jacksonville, Florida. Much of the inspiration for his writing rises from the people and places of his adopted home state. His lyrics often touch on environmental issues and the need to protect Florida's precious and increasingly scare natural resources. He is also more than willing to challenge what he views as political ineptitude and the realities of societal decay. Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards are a folk duo from Massachusetts whose songs resonate with the lover of Americana and old country music, commanding familiar traditional melodies and poignant, introspective lyrics, and backing them with delicate arrangements on ukulele, clarinet, guitar and banjo. They began in the basements, coffee shops and art spaces of New England, and have since tested the stages of more traditional folk music venues, colleges, living rooms and bar rooms from Boston to Austin, Denver to Nashville, Asheville to Portland, and back 'round again. Hundreds of concerts have been given and thousands of records have been sold, all on their own steam and without the support of major industry assistance.
  Tue Nov 04 14, 07:30 PM
Songwriters' Contest
Tickets: $5
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