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This is my final reminder for hte YaYas show on the 27th.  I'm hoping some of you that haven't requested seats are just making sure things have calmed down in the Boston area and are now looking for a great way to get back to a little normal living and enjoying a great night of music.  We have plenty of seats left so far and I'm hoping some of the new folks that joined us for the Phil Henry show will consider coming again.  Please let me know.



617.899.0799 or rmattson@charter.net




The YaYas have been on stage at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival as well as the Kerrville Folk Festival and in small towns and large cities all over the country.  Writers are great songs and fine musicians I've been following them around for years alway thrilled so hear what new music they're bringing to the table.  This is the last show until Fall and I know we're going to have a full house with great performers from away and two local favorites with their own followings, so call or email soon.  


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Please reserve you seats at 617-899-0799 or rmattson@charter.net

  Sat Jan 31 2015, 07:00 PM
Connor Garvey Music
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