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 Happy Wednesday !  Big thanks to those who came out to the AG & Maia Sharp show last Saturday.  We all had a great time.  



Well according to the Mayans, Friday is it !  Come and hang out with some good music and friends !



Friday December 21st 8pm (doors 7:30pm) Songwriter's Circle with Chad Mills (Indy), Mars or the Moon (Indy) & The Yellow Kites (Indy).  The Irving Theater 5505 E. Washington St. Indpls. IN.  FREE-$5 suggested donation.  Raffle prizes !




Sure.  A lot of guys in your college dorm picked up a guitar for the first time.  They strummed Dylan covers and tried to woo the ladies.  Chad Mills may have been one of those guys — at first. 
The difference was that Mills unburied a gift during those college days.  It turned out, this kid could write…. And sing… And play.  Never claiming to be a guitar virtuoso, Mills just knew he loved music — making it, sharing it — and his music has grown exponentially each year thereafter.  As a husband, father of three, and full time civil engineer, he still somehow manages to play an average of 120 live shows a year.  That, my friends, is passion.
While Mills has clearly grown into his own style, he freely lets his music reflect the ebbs and flows of his personal musical tastes of the moment.  Listen to his albums and you’ll find a pensive acoustic crooner on one track, a bluegrass tale-spinner on the next.  Toss in a soulful sociopolitical commentary and you’re starting to scratch the surface of Chad Mills.  Like Indiana weather: not sure you dig this song?  Wait five minutes.  It’ll change.
But make sure to listen.  This singer’s gifts are his words.  Undeniably.  There will be a line — a song — an album — that resonates with you. Chad Mills was down the hall in your dorm.  Now he lives in your town and plays at your bar.




Mars or the Moon is giving, not only the music world but, the thinking world a glimpse into the mysteries and intricacies of love with their stellar debut album The Price of Love.

Mars or the Moon is the brainchild of musicians Joe Hart and Lani Williams. The duo began writing together before adding prolific percussionist Lenen Nicola.

Hart named their project after describing his musical experiences to a friend. His radio was his salvation that sounded like transmissions from another world like Mars…or the moon.

The group’s debut album is a hearty slice of Singer-Songwriter, Roots Rock, Psychedelic Folk Americana with a hint of Soul.

The trio is often joined on stage and in the studio by keyboardist Kevin Silva, bassist Roger Osburn and drummer Glen Hopkins


The Yellow Kites are Kendall Ludwig (Indianapolis folk-rock artist and from the U.S. band, The Stories of Clockwork) and Erina Ludwig (guitar and vocals). The husband and wife duo have brought together the sounds of classic folk from America to Ireland to East Africa. From upbeat humour-laden songs to those with reflective lyrics played out in their voices and interwoven with the dulcimer and guitar; their music has brought much needed diversity in a heavily saturated scene.

The band’s name comes from the feeling you get when wind tickles your bare arms on an autumn day. This coupled with the laughter of children playing and a love for the colour yellow, The Yellow Kites simply hope to reintroduce the love of music, sound, life and people back into places where it’s gone missing.

The Yellow Kites have played shows in London, Indianapolis and Pohang, South Korea and are currently finishing up their first album.


See you Friday !




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