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First, thank you for subscribing to our mailing list! We haven't been sending many emails, but from now on we will try and update you once a week. It's been extremely busy here at Gashouse Radio, so here are a few things you should know.


Gashouse Radio has expanded in recent months, and we now have 3 radio stations; Gashouse Radio, Grindhouse Radio and Hebe Radio. Each station brings unique entertainment, all while helping to support independent music. While Gashouse Radio is still the same great station, we've moved some of the more adult-oriented material to Grindhouse Radio. Also, the heavier rock and metal has found a new home at Grindhouse as well.

Gashouse Radio
Hebe Radio
Grindhouse Radio

Hebe Radio will focus more on the live music, being that Hebe Music is a great BYOB venue in downtown Mt Holly, NJ. And speaking of Hebe, mark your calendar for this Friday!


We've got 2 exciting events this Friday at Hebe Music, and we'd love for you to come out and be a part of the audience!


  1. Gashouse Live, normally weekdays 6-9pm ET on Gashouse Radio, will be bringing our radio show to the stage at Hebe Music on Friday from 5-7pm! This is the first time our show will feature a live studio audience, and we've got some great things planned. Amber Ladd, one of the more popular artists on the station, will be coming down from Boston to be a guest on the show! We've got a lot of giveaways planned for the live audience as well, so make sure you come out for the show! It's BYOB, so this could be the most unique Happy Hour you'll ever experience (and let's not forget about the incredible food at Hebe)!

  3. From 7-11pm, there are 4 great bands scheduled to perform at Hebe, including a full set from Amber Ladd! Magan Knight, Jekyll & Hyde and Chelsea Carlson will also be performing.

That's 2 chances this Friday to come out to Hebe Music and join us! You've got great music, excellent food, and it's BYOB. Don't miss this event.


Our featured band of the week, Blue Food, will be playing The Legendary Dobbs the following night and The Cold Roses will be playing Hebe. This is a jam-packed weekend of great independent music.


Tune in to Gashouse Live, weekdays 6-9pm ET to learn more about these shows and many others in the near future. 

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