Ground Zero
3052 Howard St, Spartanburg, SC 29303     Phone: (864) 948-1661
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shows Tuesday - Saturday

  Wed Jul 23 14, 06:00 PM
I AM HERESY, So Hideous
PLAY Fri Jul 25 14, 08:00 PM
Ghost in the Machine, Seasons of Me, Anonymous Concept
Tickets: $5.00
Jim Minchow memorial show Friday July 25th GroundZero , Ghost In The Machine and more .. All money paid at door , tips , food sales and percentage of bar going to a local charity . Jim loved music and loved to have a good time , as well as had a big heart , what better way to celebrate his life than an awesome concert that will help out others in the process . RIP James Peery Minchow July 26th 1968 - ???? as far as we are concerned
PLAY Tue Jul 29 14, 06:00 PM
Four Nights Gone
Tickets: $7 advance tickets, $10 Door
A Mile At Sea Four Nights Gone From Gallows To Graves Skylight Heights at Ground Zero 6 PM Doors, 7:30 PM Show Start $7 advance tickets, $10 Door
PLAY Wed Jul 30 14, 06:00 PM
Inspiration I.V., OTONANA TRIO
Tickets: 5$
Otonana trio Inspiration I.V.
PLAY Sat Aug 02 14, 04:30 PM
Wormreich, IMPERIAL CONQUEST, MYSTERIARCH, Order of Leviathan, ARCHAEL, Begat The Nephilim, Cesspool, Rites to Sedition, IV Never More
Tickets: $7 Advance / $10 Door
Communion of Darkness II - Black Metal Fest (2014) 2nd Annual Communion of Darkness Black Metal Fest!!! Featuring: Mysteriarch (11:30-Close) (Symphonic Black Metal from Charlotte, NC) Imperial Conquest (10:30-11:15) (Black Metal from Tampa, FL) Order of Leviathan (10:00-10:15) (Black Metal from Louisville, KY) Archael (9:15-9:45) (Black Metal from Fredericksburg, Virginia) Salvaticus (8:30-9:00) (Black Metal from Virginia) Cesspool (7:45-8:15) (Death/Black Metal from Atlanta, GA) Begat the Nephilim (7:00-7:30) (Death/Black Metal from Dover, NH) Severed Faith (6:15-6:45) (Black/Death Metal from Senoia, GA) Rites to Sedition (5:30-6:00) (Melodic Black Metal from Charlotte, NC) Doors open at 4pm/Show starts at 5pm sharp!
PLAY Fri Aug 08 14, 08:00 PM
21st Century Goliath, BEiTTHEMEANS, Grown Up Avenger Stuff
21CG w/ Beitthemeans and Grown Up Avenger Stuff
PLAY Sat Aug 23 14, 08:00 PM
Vaski, Buku, VASKI BUKU, soul prophets, Dylan Deekay, Tony Karma, and HossStyle
PLAY Thu Sep 04 14, 07:00 PM
PLAY Thu Sep 25 14, 08:00 PM
Erasing Never
Tickets: Free ($5 under 21)
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