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 Yes, It's that time again....CHRISTMAS! That perfect time to give the gift of music.  TMG and it's imprints have all sorts of great music available this Yuletide season, beginning with the much ballyhoo'd release from Alan Davey's Eclectic Devils 'Live at SRS 2011'. Alan and band roar through many of Alan's greatest hits during his stints with Hawkwind, Bedouin, solo and of course, the Eclectic Devils. Also available is the stunning new CD from Mindset X, entitled, 'Mindset X' featuring the singles 'Dirty L'il Freak', 'Lilith' and 'Everybody Wants To Be Me' .  What better holiday gift can someone receive than a little hard rock in their stocking. If your tastes veer towards the more cerebral side of the music landscape, how about hanging some Hemlok along with the mistletoe. That would be Hemlok, the band. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone...would we? Listening to the progressive rock sounds of the bands latest CD, 'A Cautionary Tale' has been known to cause people to heat up a bit of nog, add a little rum and....PLAY SOME AIR VIOLIN! These are just a few of the new releases available through Amazon, ITunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, CD Baby, Super D Distribution, Local brick & mortars and coming soon, right through our very own TMG store at our website [about damn time]. Feel free to browse through the releases, choose one, or two, or even three, four or more. There's bound to be something that a family member would enjoy. Perhaps even a little gift for yourself, maybe? Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink...say no more.

Oops, I've got to get going myself. Have a Happy Holiday! ......Santa!

"On Rudolf, On Blitzen, On Prancer and Dancer, On Whatsyourname, On Whosit and......Oh, nevermind!"

  Available for Christmas 2011... Alan Davey's Eclectic Devils - Live at SRS 2011...performing the greatest hits from Alan's career in Hawkwind, The Eclectic Devils, Bedouin and as a solo artist. Featuring the songs Angel Down, Wings,  LSD,  Greenback Massacre and others great tunes. A definite 'MUST HAVE'.

 With songs like Dirty L'il Freak, Everybody Wants To Be Me and Boy Meets Girl, it's only a matter of time before Mindset X breaks into the big time. Mindset X is a truly classic CD where every song has the potential to be a hit single. Hear why the person that discovered Rush calls this band "one of her favorites". Produced  by Brian Sachs at Drumlin Downe Studio.


 Hemlok's A Cautionary Tale  is a slice of Progressive/ Metal cut with the blade of a knife made of Folk music. Soaring, poetic, melodic and ethereal sounds combined with a 'take no prisoners' rhythm section and then add in some fluid guitar work , beautiful and at times, scathing violin , and you'll begin to understand the allure of Hemlok. Features the songs Vendetta, Bleed, and Taken. A bit of Hemlok never tasted so good.

 A  masterpiece of pop sensibilities, Cal Olivier's first ever solo CD 'Wishing On A Well' is stylistically all over the map, Americana, a bit of Country, some pure Pop, some SKA, Reggae and some Heavy Rock all feature prominently on this wonderfully listenable joy of a CD. One thing is certain, however, and that is that Cal Olivier can write a tune. And that he does, unabashedly writing about failed relationships, sailing the seas, love, abortion and even about having the muchies. This is one of those albums that will have you singing, dancing and whooping it up at every listen. Produced by Brian Coombes at Rocking Horse Studio. Cath Cal on tour this Christmas season with his new band...Cal Olivier & The Fickle Souls.

 More manic mayhem from our boys in France...Jack Dupon...this time, it's of the 'LIVE' variety. Bascule A Vif, the two CD live CD is representative of the bands craziness, musicality and technical proficiency on a live stage. Features the tracks 'Jeudi Poisson' ,'La Cousine Du Grand Mongol' and the epic 'La Secte Des Mouches'. For fans of Zappa, Gong, Magma, King Crimson and others of that ilk. WARNING: Jack Dupon music has been known to cause nosebleeds, panic attacks and interference within the frontal lobe.....and it's still great fun!

 If 'take no prisoners' hard rock is more to your liking, then your search is over.'Twenty Twelve', the new EP from Liverpool England trio Signified  [we affectionately call them 'The Threetles']  features some of the moset defiant but melodic hard rock this side of the pond. These boys, Ash, Brian and Keith, know how to rock and bring the house down. Available as a digital download and special order CD. Featuring such smokin' tunes as 'You Made Me Up' and 'When In Rome', this music is just the type of sound that you'll play over and over again. A Spring 2013 US Tour is being planned. Stay tuned.

 We at TMG have always been fond of bands that think 'outside of the box' and here we have just such a band...The O.B.E.  and it's side project The O.B.E. Show. Released as 'digital only' music, this live, 'as is', warts and all presentation is the brainchild of multi-instumentalist Paul Davidson, with the premise being a full on, completely improvisational performance, featuring anyone with any instrument willing to jump onstage to play along with the beat and melody created by Paul and the members of this crazy band of ultimate musicians. No rehearsals, no practices... just pure improv. And these performances have been stunning, to say the least. 'Onward/Upward/Outward' is the first in a series of upcoming live releases, so stay tuned for more 'on the spot' brilliance. "It's like a box of chocolates", someone once said, "you never know what you're gonna get inside"

         And don't forget all of these other fantastic releases that are still available, featuring music from Jack Dupon, The Soupbone Throne,Soak, Dreamline, Sensitive Orchestra and Mindset X. Visit the website at or check availability at the usual suspects .

COMING SOON: Music from

 MAVARA ..........AND....LOBOTOMATIC  Two great new releases available in early 2013.

Stay tuned for more news from TMG as we continue to work to provided you with great new music from some of the greatest Independent artists around. Some wonderful new discoveries have already been unearthed and will soon be presented to you. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!



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