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  Cox Music Artist T DAWN

Riverside, CA
Alternative / Progressive Rock / Indie Rock

Hello sweet Starlights!






We are back with another rockin show May 7th at 7 PM EST on the Beyond the Dawn Radio Show. Did you miss me? Did you miss the show? It’s been over a month. I missed all of you lovely people. Is it safe to say…I am addicted to you? LOL Hat’s off to all the mother’s out there. This show is for you!! We are going to have fabulous music, tips and yes…I have a secret… I am going to share with you all. A secret on how to become younger. It actually worked for me and I am going to share!! Have a mommy you want to wish Happy Mother’s Day? Get it in now.



Send an email to: or call it in: (951) 888-0139






Also we are kicking off our May Babies special. We did this last year and it was a hit. It’s my birthday in May and who better to celebrate it with then all of you! I will be announcing special birth days on the May 7th show and the May 21st show. So if you have a birthday, know of someone…want a shout out. I am your girl…I will be happy to shout over the air. You have from now until May 16th to get your wishes in. Send an email or call it in: (951) 888-0139












ARTISTS-WIN FREE MUSIC MASTERING SERVICE Contest starts May 7th–Listen and find out how



Our next show will not be until May 7th, I know… what are you going to do? Let me fill up in on some very cool details for the May 7th show.



We will be giving away FREE music mastering service by Frank of Meleniumx. Let me tell you he is good! He has mastered some of my music and a list of others such as:



Ari Vox, Allan Edger, Billy D, Carey Ace, David Wheeler, Eva Eva, Fran Schultz, Goo, Grant Goreman, Herel, John Degree, Joesf Carl Gunderson, Land of Oz Music, Michelle Vanda, MIX, Ninna Yvonne, OG Stunna, Erick Bailey, Parchment Farm, Project Hayes, Ryan Banfil, Techknomes, The Accentrix, The Baddys, Tri Satt Sound, Willy Frier, TDawn, and Zaddik









Here’s the cool promos for the May 7th show, please share!






Artist’s Promo:






Showtime: May 7th at 7PM EST






Here’s the artists promo logo:






See you Monday night! Remember I will be in chat that night. Please join me. We talk about the strangest things!
Love, T Dawn




 The Cox Music Show
April 26 at 8PM EST USA

New shows on the first of every month
at 12 AM EST USA
Rock and Metal Indie Artists



April 2012 Cox Rocks!!!!
12 AM EST USA April 1-May 1 2012

Cox Music Show Presents:
Our Spring Jazz Special
Always On And Indie!!!

Submissions for the Cox Music Show:
Please include at least two or more music selections in
MP3 format 128kbs or greater--good audio quality.
Include a brief bio and small artist picture for our show marque.
Understand that the Cox Music Show reserves the right to refuse any
submission for any number of reasons including
poor quality sound, outright vulgar or hate lyrical content, or other reasons.
Upon receipt of your materials, we will send you a confirmation
e-mail back to the senders address within 7 days.  Be sure to follow up with
your e-mail and if you do not receive a confirmation, contact us.


Our second season will end with the posting of part II of Episode 40,
our season II finale on May 10.  Submissions that we receive between now
and September 13, 2012, the start of season III, will be considered in the
schedule for Season III Sept 2012-Sept 2013.  Our other programs that 
post on a monthly basis will continue to post on their regular schedules through
the summer and early fall.  Thanks for your submissions to the Cox Music Shows*
INDIE RULES!!! Thanks to you for being a part of a great second year!!!

-Karen Able (Producer and Director of Cox Music Shows)
-Allen Cox (Founder of Cox Music/Cox Music Shows Host) 

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