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MARCH 15-29
Special Guest Host the Stickman Bleeding

New shows on the first of every month
at 12 AM EST USA
Rock and Metal Indie Artists
April 2012 Cox Rocks!!!!
12 AM EST USA April 1-May 1 2012

Cox Music Show Presents:
Our Spring Jazz Special
Always On And Indie!!!


Submissions for the Cox Music Show:
Please include at least two or more music selections in
MP3 format 128kbs or greater--good audio quality.
Include a brief bio and small artist picture for our show marque.
Understand that the Cox Music Show reserves the right to refuse any
submission for any number of reasons including
poor quality sound, outright vulgar or hate lyrical content, or other reasons.
Upon receipt of your materials, we will send you a confirmation
e-mail back to the senders address within 7 days.  Be sure to follow up with
your e-mail and if you do not receive a confirmation, contact us.

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