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Well it's 2013 and Miki Minja, Justin Beiber, and a host of auto tuned fake soul over sexed pusedo muscians rule the charts. Good music is there but you have to dig to find it. Indie record labels might sell 100 CD's before thier stuff is on the internet for free - but still we stay, why ? what else would we do ? give up let the Hollywood garbage merchants have it ? hell no -


We need your support, your music and your participation !







This is not what music is about ! we let Madonna get away with it because who would have thought that it would become the norm ? Lets call trash, what it is - don't get us wrong we're not prudes, we've been to many a strip joint. But if I want a stripper I want a stripper, if I want music I want music. So we're looking at a way of making the FCC understand that the way music is played and promoted by the media now amounts to a legalized monopoly !  Anitrust laws protect every other industry why not ours ?

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