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Hey everyone,
Firstly a very BIG thank you for being a part of The New Alternative and a very warm welcome :) This page is for the current bands. The bands in the NOW! In a digital age where short lived one hit singles are being nicely marketed to the impressionable mainstream and everything in rock and beyond appears to be superficial and short lived there's a growing number of really good alternative bands that need to be heard. These bands are independent, hard working musicians that play music regardless of any current trends in the music scene.

For the touring bands that haven't been widely exposed yet. For the hard working, up & coming bands. For the bands that are just starting out. For the fans and friends to share their favorite local bands from around the world. We are here to network, promote, and share our regional scenes with each other in order to build up one giant community keeping the music alive! Spread the word!


The New Alternative - Volume 1 has arrived! This is just the start.Volume 2. is already in talks. Download 14 tracks from 14 of the best new active Alternative bands FOR FREE on bandcamp -   Feel free to share the link with your friends, on your facebook page, everywhere!

Featuring -

- Noiseheads -
God Like Wannabe (Florida, USA) from their album - 1994
For more info on Noiseheads check out -
Watch their videos on YouTube -

- Social Disorder -
Verbal Diarrhoea (Sweden) from their album - In the Backyard of my Mind
For more info on Social Pretender check out -
Watch their videos on YouTube -

- Screenreader -
Mint (Cork, Ireland) from their album - Disconnect the Dots
For more info on Screenreader check out -
Watch their videos on YouTube -

- Pandoras Bliss -
I'm Burnt (Belgium/ Germany) from their album - Oh Glorious Serenity
For more info on Pandoras Bliss check out -
Check out their video for I'm Burnt on YouTube -

- Paradox -
Mr. Bureaucracy (Cork, Ireland) from their album - Corporate Pollution
For more info on Paradox check out -
Watch the Mr. Bureaucracy music video on YouTube -

- The K. -
Essential Chippendale (Belgium) from their album - My flesh reveals millions of souls
For more info on The K. check out -
Watch their music video -

- Senium -
Formality (New Jersey, USA) from their album - Such Progress. Recorded by Steve Albini.
For more info on Senium check out -
Watch their videos on YouTube -

- Betty Poison -
So Raw (Italy) from their album - Beauty is Over
For more info on Betty Poison check out -
Watch their videos on YouTube -

- Nova -
Everything and more (Hagen, Germany)
For more info on Nova check out -
Watch their video on YouTube -

Cable 35 - Cow Head (Malta/ Sheffield UK) from their album - Louder
For more info on Cable 35 check out -
Watch the music video for Cow Head on YouTube -

- Disagony -
Stop Rewind (Geneva, Switzerland) from their album - Venom Dish
For more info on Disagony check out -
Watch the music video for Stop Rewind on YouTube -

- 24 Broken Amps -
Slug (Dublin, Ireland)
For more info on 24 Broken Amps check out -
Watch the music video for Slug on YouTube -

- The Heroine Whores -
Suck my Dress (Leipzig, Germany) from their EP - B​.​E​,​N
For more info on The Heroine Whores check out -

- Ancient Warlocks - Killers Moon Live (Seattle WA, USA)
Recorded Live at Joonior's (Bremerton, WA.) March 12th, 2012. Mixed by: Chris Mathews Jr. @ Joonior Studios Ancient Warlocks are: Aaron Krause, Darren Chase, Anthony "Oni" Timm, Steve Jones
For more info on Ancient Warlocks check out -
Check out the live video -

Our focus is on the Loud Guitar Rock, the Indie Rock, Grunge, Punk, Metal, Garage, Stoner, Sludge, Shoegazer, etc., and DIY spirit!

Share the music, spread the word and thank you for listening :) We will keep you guys posted on new music that we feel needs to be heard. We also hate spam so this newsletter will be sent out roughly once a month. Thank you guys again for being a part of this. Let's spread the word and share the music.

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