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Dunnellon, FL
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         Greetings Everyone. By now the flowers are beginning to shoot up from the ground and smile at the sun. Always the time of year when new things begin to bloom. As you know.. we have begun recording our new CD with Legendary Producer Bruce Swedien and Ramsees Mechan.  We still are in awe of the position we are in.  Right now we are gathering up videos of our time in the studio with him. We will be editing and posting them soon.


         We have been performing more and more original shows around the South East. This Summer we have Some Midwest dates included which we are excited about. We always love to see new country and meet new people. For Example, we just returned home from a weekend of performances in Chattanooga and with Aubrie ( our daughter ) being home schooled, she gets to ride along. Her Father and she rode the cable car up look out mountain. It was a thrill for them. Me? I stayed on the ground with my friend Joy, who came all the way from Northern IL to see us. Joy and I agree that we don't like to put ourselves in a situation where we can't get out of.  : D


         There are places we have never been to that we would LOVE to see and I think the only way to see them is through building a tour in targeted areas.  For instance. We'd love to visit Maine, Michigan, Wyoming, NV, Canada, Georgia, and the West Coast. and Upper New York, We'd also like to return to some of our favorite areas like Colorado, TX, The Midwest, Arizona, Tenn, North Carolina, East Coast Vermont - NJ. We have had radio airplay in these areas thanks to Hudson Harding Music., but have only visited once or twice or not at all. Maybe you live in one of these areas and you have a brilliant idea that would help us get there. There are so many creative ways to help independent artists.  We work hard researching venues and Contacting personell, sending promotional material, but sometimes word of mouth gives us the extra boost we need. It is important for us to tell you that we aren't looking for handouts or someone else to do our job for us.. we just need ideas like... maybe there's a house concert or venue that we might have missed. Maybe there's a folk show on your local radio station that would like to have an interview with us. Let us know who to contact in these places. You could be Your Region's tour manager for us. :D Our favorite type of venues are indoor listening rooms. We feel when conditions serve the concert, both artist and audience have a memorable evening with stories and songs where you can hear the lyrics without having to blow your voice out. Maybe you have attended a house concert and know some friends who might like our music. We can play in your living room. Even if it's just 10 people. My friend Fran started  and to help artists like himself and us.  It explains what listening rooms and house concerts are and all the different ways they can be created. Maybe it will cause the lightbulb to go on.  Ideas beget ideas.


        We posted some home videos of some new songs we've written.     We are preparing to do a video interview as a media center project for one of our local high schools. They have all the professional gear and hungry kids eager to learn the film industry.  We are honored that they asked us.


        We have been busy finding new ways to get our music out there. We've signed up with several internet radio sites like Jango and Lastfm. After we are finished recording our CD, our plan is to meet with BMI reps to talk publishing. We've met with a couple Nashville staff writers who think we should tap into this side of the industry and we have been in contact with our friend in LA who is an entertainment paralegal who helps with promotional ideas that we haven't heard of, and steers us away from entities who will waste our time. We are grateful for the time she gives us.


        Have we told you how grateful we are of you too?  Seriously, it's people like you who believe in us, that keep us writing, wanting to perform, and wanting to tour. Your stories inspire us also.  Several of our songs became reality because of some of your stories, or maybe because of who you are. Everyone has a story, and everyone is uniquely song material.  You attend our shows with enthusiasm and as an artist, we feed off that and couldn't continue performing without it. You help us get to the next level because you believe in us. You share our music with your friends, you host a house concert for us, you tell venues and radio about us,  you even try to get us on TV.  Those things really mean a lot to us and every action you take on our behalf is very much appreciated. It would be a difficult musical road for the both of us, if we didn't have you.  So Thank you.


In Harmony

Scott and Michelle



"It's better to have made a mistake, than to not have tried at all" - unknown.











" At our house concert this summer, Michelle and Scott Dalziel delivered song after song with polished, tight-as-a-drum harmony and precision instrumentation with guitars and djembe. Nearly every song was introduced with an amusing or heartfelt story that set the stage for us to connect with each. We heard the emotional story in “Rachel’s Song” of a healing bond between two women and their music. We understood commitment in “Gravel Roads”, and here in the middle of July, we could almost feel exactly how cold Iowa winters can be. The best thing of all? They love their work and it showed in their faces and in the eye contact they made with their audience. They interacted with the audience in the best way and are the perfect package for house concerts and listening rooms. "  Becky Abel, Among Friends House Concert Series


The Hilton Ocala, FL Fri Dec 26 2014 06:00 PM  
Woodview Coffeehouse Lecanto, FL Fri Jan 09 2015 12:00 AM  
Pine Castle Pioneer Days Orlando, FL Sat Feb 21 2015 10:00 AM  
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