Well its been awhile, since I have actually taking the time out to say thank you to you my biggest supporters and motivators aside from the Most High. 


I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, your support and words of encouragment keeps me going.  I have a new album out, my debut albut titled Crying to the Nation was released on February 14, I also have an EP out titled Straight From the Heart go out and purchase them.


Crying to the Nation is a Reggae Album with some dancehall tunes you will know and a few familiar love songs, but 10 tracks are all brand new tracks so buy it, I know you will love it.


I have also joined twitter so follow me and spread the word. Yes I - Octane is now on twitter all the other twitter accounts are fake so follow the Real I-Octane @realioctane.


I will continue to drop you a line now and then but just remember I am so greatful for you my Fans and your support.


Blessed Love


Sat Sep 20 14 Dorchester, MA RUSSELL AUDITORIUM  
"But I-Octane debut album "Crying to the Nation" isn't the average bling happy,back alley, dancehall export, nor is it watered down....."  — Halley Bondy, MTV IGGY
"I-Octane's main strength is being political without polarizing on his debut album "Crying to the Nation""  — Sarah Godfrey, Washington Post
"My work is different, I stand for positiveness and righteousness. Looking at it from their angle maybe they needed a clean, positive, vibrant, energetic individual and all those describe my character."  — Hasani Walters, Jamaica Star
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