Andi Starr  ::  Ojai, CA


Hey guys,


For the latest, check out Andi's inspiring and in-depth interview about the making of "The World Will Follow"!! 


Andi felt honored to be a guest on The Richard Brendan Show.


More great news to come... *


"“Andi Starr aims to pave the way for the dreamers, and inspire them to change the world. “The World Will Follow” is a ballad of such grandeur and the video is determined to match that same splendor.”" — -La Famos

"Starr sings in a breathy voice as fragile as a spider’s web swinging in a breeze. Throughout the record, Starr’s vocals crack and fade into falsetto one second and boom with a kind of bawling earnestness the next. These songs are the restless tales and prayers of a performer who knows the desire of which she sings in all its depths and detours." — Gianmarc Manzione, Culturespill Magazine

"Your songs bring a moment of peace... a second of tenderness... a minute of a voice that sounds as if the angels have come to heart street." — Chiz, Homeless Shelter (NY)

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