Lynn Drury

Hey folks!  Happy Mardi Gras and oh!  there's a game in town, I don't know if you've heard about that or not, but it's pretty cool.  As my friend says "It only took the Superbowl to get our streets fixed!"  And that about sums it up.  We have official-looking crosswalks now,  smooth black-top, giant Roman Numerals floating in the river.. all in the midst of the biggest party on earth!  SO.. as you are sewing those last few beads on that cape - don't forget about all those musicians who are here to ease your pain.. this is where i'll be this weekend.. 


Tonight, Friday Feb 1st, 8:30pm-  Bayou Beer Garden, Mid-City Nola  -  (with Casandra Faulconer and Chris Pylant)


Saturday, Feb 2nd, 10pm, Banks Street Bar, Mid-City Nola (with the Honeypots)


two great tastes that taste great together..


Wednesday weekly at Dmac's will soon become a bi-weekly show.. if you missed Wednesday with Micah McKee, you missed a great night!  Coming up on Feb 6th, 9pm.. I will have Papa John Gros!  It's gonna be a fun time, hope you can make it out.



Peace and love,  soon we have a link available to purchase advance downloads/copies of the new album.. this way we can pay for production costs!  All your support is what makes this music happen. thank you.  I am blessed to have you on board.



ps.  Thanks to ALL of you who voted for me in the Offbeat Awards and the Honeypots! We did not win, but i feel honored to have had our names alongside the likes of Dr. John, Paul Sanchez, etc..  Thank you.  Now go out there and catch  that coconut or cabbage.. or glittered shoe? We have some parading to do!


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