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Grassfight is in the running for The Deli's NYC Artist of the Month and they want it. Bad. 


With each win, the band of the month is advertised at the top of the page for two weeks, free of charge. Where it is an honor to be nominated, a win could insure that more music-loving people like yourself find Grassfight. The band would be so appreciative to have you vote at work, at home, on your friends' computers, your smartphone, etc. You can only vote one time per IP address, no email recquired and the voting period ends December 18th. Thank you in advance for your votes! We will owe you one [or two].


There has been a great buzz about Icon, an EP, and it is their hope that you have been enjoying it yourself. The artwork turned-out great, and the press has been fantastic. Here are a few of the kind words being said recently:


BlahBlahBlahScience Music:


The Birp! November Playlist Selection [Most Votes]:


From The Deli Magazine:


Grassfight is exited and news is spreading about them all over [There is a big spike in Mexico City, so thanks MC]. If the team is not in touch again before the new year- Have a Merry Season!


Once again, thank you for your votes, your posts, spreading the word and being a fan.


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