"Almost Blues (Solo-Never Buy My Self Vol I)"
Rex Shepherd

Hope all is well with all of you.

Just a quick note to let you know about some new music posted to the website recently. It is a continuation of some solo tunes I have been working on, the first volume of which is titled "Never Buy My Self - Vol. 1" on which I used the Theremin extensively. The attached song, "Almost Blues," is just a brief statement in the blues idiom and will be featured on "Never Buy My Self - Vol.2," and I hope it makes you smile. Please do come back to my music and listen and download (for free) as much stuff as you want and pass it on.

Much Peace

Rex Shepherd

"...an infectious, hypnotic vibe that is ever-evolving. This power trio loves to jam." (Review of "Some Music We Made" p. 48)"  — Staff Writer, Accent on Tampabay Magazine
"The music is innovative and more than a bit quirky. A bit deranged but totally interesting."  — Bruce Von Stiers, Ariel
"No End of Now’s Some Music We Made is absolutely phenomenal. This album is a work of art like the masterpieces that are stored in museums worldwide and, like them, should be studied, analyzed, and, most importantly, enjoyed for time to come."  — Brian McKinnon, Muzikreviews.com
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