Kevin Bilchik

St. Louis, MO
Blues / Americana / Indie
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Hello good people!  You can kill two birds with one stone tonight if you are looking for tasty beer and good music!  The full band joins me this evening at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, MO, from 9pm-12am, featuring two skilled blowers (in the musical sense,) on saxophone and harmonica, and the usual unusually tight rhythm section.  Besides dropping innuendos in my e-mail, I will be dropping some new songs on you, including "Misery Loves Company," a new fan favorite.  The Bottleworks is the place to be on a Friday night, and you know we'll be having a good 'ol time.


For those of you brave enough to travel more than a few miles, you can catch me Saturday night in Clarksville, MO, at Overlook Farm, from 6-9pm.  Beautiful country side and gourmet food abound at one of the most unique destinations in Missouri (I should have gone into advertising!)


And finally, if fermented grapes are your drink of choice, you will love Chandler Hill Vineyards, where you can enjoy the three piece band, featuring Matt Rowland, electric guitarist extraordianare, and R Scott Bryan, one of the baddest (in a good sense,) drummers you will ever see.  We'll be jamming from 1-4pm, so cap off your weekend with some amazing views in Defiance, MO!


That's all for now.  Thanks for reading and see you soon!





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"Bilchik is what many would deem a "B-2," devastatingly good but remaining under the radar. The raw nature of his music is what makes Bilchik something different..."  The Current- UMSL, Graham Tucker

"Kevin’s songs and vocal style are a simple pleasure that you want to indulge in again and again. Good songs. Good writing. Good style. I really enjoyed listening to this CD and will certainly add it my collection to enjoy on a regular basis.""  Roots Music Report, Angie Chaney

"Bilchik's lyrics, as well as a smooth, stark delivery and composition are reminiscent of artists such as Bob Dylan and Tom Waits at his most folky. Relying on the strength of storytelling, Bilchik’s music is only the delivery system for stories that immerse the listener in vivid imagery and powerful states of mind. Sung in a plain, no frills sandy baritone, there is little to distract you from Bilchik’s tales of the extraordinary in everyday life."  James Dufendach,


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