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Greetings one and all, and thanks for reading.  I'll be out on the town, maybe in your neck of the woods, starting tonight until Sunday, and it would be great to see you at a show.  New songs and venues, and opportunities to see live local music, and insightful, sarcastic, serious, insane songs by yours truly.  So here goes the run down:



Thursday, 8pm at Off Broadway, supporting my friend and great musician Ben Bedford, from Springfield, IL, I'll open the show as Ben presents music from his new CD.  $15 bucks at the door gets you in and his new disc in your hand, or on your head if you prefer.  If you are into Steve Earle, Slaid Cleeves, or maybe even some old school John Denver, you will love Ben's music.  I can't wait to see the show myself! 



Friday, join me and the full band at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, 9pm-12a, for some great rock 'n' roll, original tunes, and superb beer.  I absolutely love playing with Scott, Eric, and Matt, and they are amazing musicians in their own right.  If you get bored easily by the "singer-songwriter type," then this is your chance to take it up a notch.  Don't be afraid.  Get your ass to Bottleworks this Friday night and see what "everyone else" is talking about!



Saturday, I'll entertain at the Melting Pot in the Delmar loop from 6:30-10:30pm.  If you don't like boiled meat or melted cheese, you can still come in and get a drink in the bar and say hello!!  But by all means, invite your loved one on a special date, share some fondue, and you might get lucky later that night (but not with me.)



To round off this bountiful weekend, I present another new trio, at Chandler Hill Vineyards, 1-4pm, in Defiance, MO.  Wine country people!  I've got a particuarly jazzy trio on Sunday, when I'll be accompanied by drummer Nick Savage, and pianist Curt Landes.  Curt has got major chops, and some great stories about being on the road in the 70s with some pretty heavy cats.  You'll never hear them if you don't take highway 94 to Defiance.



So, all I have to say now is, what more do you want??  We are bringing it to you all weekend, and I want to see some friendly faces out there.  Or come pissed off if you want.  That's just as good as far as I am concerned!



Thanks for reading.  Hope this Earth is treating you well.  Happy Holiday season!








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"Bilchik is what many would deem a "B-2," devastatingly good but remaining under the radar. The raw nature of his music is what makes Bilchik something different..."  The Current- UMSL, Graham Tucker

"Kevin’s songs and vocal style are a simple pleasure that you want to indulge in again and again. Good songs. Good writing. Good style. I really enjoyed listening to this CD and will certainly add it my collection to enjoy on a regular basis.""  Roots Music Report, Angie Chaney

"Bilchik's lyrics, as well as a smooth, stark delivery and composition are reminiscent of artists such as Bob Dylan and Tom Waits at his most folky. Relying on the strength of storytelling, Bilchik’s music is only the delivery system for stories that immerse the listener in vivid imagery and powerful states of mind. Sung in a plain, no frills sandy baritone, there is little to distract you from Bilchik’s tales of the extraordinary in everyday life."  James Dufendach,


Picasso's Coffee House Saint Charles, MO Fri Mar 06 2015 08:00 PM  
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