The Righteous Blues Band

Alvord, TX
Blues / Christian Blues
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This Sunday will be our last practice before we go up to Oklahoma City to The Gate Church on July 5 to play at a benefit for the Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims. It's going to be an awesome time and we're really looking forward to it.


We are selling T-shirts (like the picture below) to help us fund recording our first CD. We can get shirts in men's sizes up to 4XL for $20 each. So far we have 26 T-shirts ordered. I will place the order to get the T-shirts made on July 9, so if you want one contact me and let me know. 


Have a blessed weekend!





"Water Grave is an instant hit with me for 2 reasons ... 1 spiritual, & the other is musically related. It reminds me that I am a new creation in Christ, old things are passed away, etc.. Now as for the remainder of the cd ... Amazing Grace is about as classic as classic gets! But what "knocks it out of the ballpark" as they say, is how well the vocals were utilized & blended for a unique style. The overall blend of each and every song resonates with God given talent. And I know I have already mentioned this, but what sells the music, in my humble opinion, and in my years of being in the music industry, is the fact that The Righteous Blues Band don't just play an intro, sing a few lyrics, play a wee bit more & end the song. God forbid! You lads took the time to showcase your playing skills. An extra bonus is that, like the Beatles, the lyrics are catchy & easy to remember."  Paul Terry

"Thought I would take a minute to review the CD I recently purchased from The Righteous Blues Band. I won't lie, I am a die hard rock fan, but I like a smattering of all genres of music. I really liked the praise music on this CD. Having been raised catholic with a father who loved old time gospel music I am familiar with many hymns, but my favorite (and my father's) has always been "Amazing Grace". The Righteous Blues Band's rendition of this song is hauntingly beautiful. Other favorites of mine from the CD are the "Righteous Shuffle" and "Water Grave". All of the music is great, and I can't wait to see what the band will put out next time. Great job guys!"  Kim Miller

"This is an absolutely EXCELLENT Believer's Blues album! I've heard a lot of Christian Blues music that had the title but only a couple of songs that really had the substance. These guys got it NAILED! Very Good Christ-centered messages, excellent guitar playing, good vocal work, rockin' rhythm section, and NO cheesy electronic keyboards like what most Christian music is dominated by! I find it difficult to choose a favorite....Go Straightway to their site & order your copy, I Highly recommend it!"  Jerry Brezina, Jerry Brezina


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