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Virginia Beach, VA
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 I never ask for anything and always give without reward, I stand for love and peace and charity and it is what I feel my purpose is on this earth is to be a voice to speak on these things. I even give away my music for free because I feel it is the right thing for me to do right now. That being said, I am asking for help of donations in any way that you can. What little bit of everything myself and my children have ever owned is in a storage unit in California and I am here in VA and I am behind on the payments. I only owe 384.50 Auction is set for April 26th at 9am CA time.  If anyone is able to help please help me. It is a big unit full of antiques and memories from my Grandmother that has passed away including an antique Singer sewing machine, an almost complete set of Star TRek The Next Generation card game cards, antique jewelry, TV beds, couch, Everything for the kitchen, . Everything in the unit is worth so much more than only a petty $400. I would even be willing to give all of the contents away except the main Sentimental irreplaceable things. There is a donation link on my reverbnation page on the right. Or you may contact me directly through here or at bj.tiny13@gmail.com. I can give you all the info for the storage company and you can make a payment to them so you know this is legit and I am not out for easy money for parties drugs etc. Please help me. Thank you so much and may God Bless you. XoXoX -)LB


"This is why I make music-- a fan wrote----Thank you so much. I like your tunes too. Ridin the supernova is my fave. Your music is so uplifting and listing to you made me happy and joyfull. I am really looking forward to hear more from you."  A Fan, This is Why I Do This!


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