Justin Spicer’s debut studio music project – Too Young to Understand

Dear friend,

After years of shoddy excuses I have completed a studio recording project. These six songs have been released as Too Young to Understand – Overdue ep.
With support from some tremendously talented musicians, a splendid recording engineer and other friends and family I have at long last provided myself with an opportunity to share an idea of what some of the music I hear in my head sounds like - strings, horns, choir and all.

Please give a listen to the song clips on my website and check out my music video. The complete songs are available on itunes. On my site you can write a review, post links to your Facebook page and even buy fantastically fashionable Too Young to Understand t-shirts.

Along with purchasing the songs you enjoy on iTunes, the most supportive thing you can do is pass my site along with a brief personalized endorsement on to as many friends as possible via Facebook, email and word of mouth.

By way of a brief update, I am currently living in the Bay Islands of Honduras working on a book. Some day when I’ve seen this through, I will head back into the studio to record more original music.

THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Please be sure to write a review on my site and post it to your Facebook page using the handy widget on the reviews page or simply email the link to friends who enjoy new independent music. However you go about it, I’d love to hear from you and to hear what you think of my tunes.

Sending the warmest of regards. Happy happy holidays to you and yours,

Justin Spicer


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