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Upcoming Shows:


Wednesday, Nov. 21st at The Harmon Taproom in Tacoma at 8:00pm

Joining the lineup for the 253Heart Festival, we'll be playing in the Harmon Taproom among a slew of other awesome bands, playing the music of our beloved 253. The festival is a three-day shin-dig (Nov. 21st, 24th, and 25th) with more music than you can or should shake a stick at. Come on out and hear what the pulse of the 253 sounds like.  


Saturday, Nov. 24th at The Spar in Tacoma at 8:00pm with The Rallies

We'll be sharing the stage with local group The Rallies back at one of our first and dearest Tacoma homes, The Spar. Come out and join the family, enjoy the music, and have a good time.


In other news:

We'll be the featured band at the RAW Artist Holiday RAWk showcase on December 1st in Seattle. The show features incredible independent artists, photographers, performance artists, fashionistas, and makeup artists. Really seems like it's going to be a cool smorgasbord of talent, and we're proud to have been chosen as the featured band. Tickets are $11 online, and $25 at the door.


As always, call a cab and get home safely. Or call a friend to come pick you up. Or walk. Makes no difference to us, really, just don't drink and drive. We love you all too much.



Champagne Sunday


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