Burning Avalanche

Austin, TX
Rock / & Roll
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It is nice to see you here. Sit down and relax.  You have earned it.


Our first order of business is to let you know that we love you.  


Next on the agenda, we are getting really close to finishing up some tunes. We are very excited and will surely let you know once they have been posted. Some singles will be let out before the album is finished. So….. stay tuned.  


Also, be sure to follow us during SXSW this year. We have some really special events we are partaking in. These will be posted up momentarily. Let’s party.


Thanks for the support!


End Transmission




"Local heroes, Burning Avalanche, took the stage and raised the rock bar even higher with one of the most blistering performances this journalist has seen from them to date. Burning Avalanche, they of the sleazy sounding school of southern rock, might as well have thrown a Molotov cocktail on the stage as they burned through their set with a sense of righteous verve."  CLAYTON HODGES, Austin Fusion Magazine

"We love these guys: The Bubble was recently invaded by some rad rockers, Burning Avalanche. These guys are awesome; great sense of humor, very playful, neat characters, and they love rock n’ roll! All of these traits are certainly reflected in their bad ass tunes. Frenchie really enjoyed working with them as a band and as individuals. Check out a newly finished song and be sure to catch them live- they have some gigs coming up! "  Frenchie Smith Records


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