Eyeshine  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Rock / Edge Rock / Indie Rock
Members: Johnny Yong Bosch (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Maurice Salmin (Drums, Piano, Vocals), Polo Yazaki (Lead Guitar), Ginny Eck (Bass, Violin, Vocals)



  Eyeshine New Album Sneak Peak and Warped Tour! 


Take a listen to a sneak peak of "Run Away" from our new unreleased album

"Fall Sevens Times, Stand Up Eight" on our Warped Tour page


While you are at it, we wouldn't mind some votes and shares to your friends and family so we can have a chance to perform in Warped Tour this year :D


Take a Listen NOW!


- Also if you were with us in Denver, Colorado for Animeland Wasabi, our photo shoot session is now online!


 Eyeshine in the Hard Rock Rising Finals!


We are proud to announce our Texas Spring Tour!


Don't worry, we will show some love to the East Coast later this year!

We haven't forgotten about some highly requested cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and more! 


Eyeshine Texas Spring Tour:

March 23rd - Battlefield Bar - Dallas, TX

March 24th - The Parish - Austin, TX

March 26th - The Red Eyed Fly - Austin, TX

March 27th - Bond's 007 Rock Bar - San Antonio, TX

March 28th - Nightrocker Live - San Antonio, TX

March 29th-31st - Anime Matsuri - Houston, TX


For more details please download our Eyeshine App for iPhone or Android!


- And we just put up some New Autographed Photos and Dog Tags in our store!

  New hoodies coming soon! 



 Eyeshine in the Hard Rock Rising Finals!


Thank you Los Angeles Location Facebook Users!

Because of everyone's hard work 

voting we made it to the Hard Rock Rising Finals!


We will be battling it out March 21st @ the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood!


The event is promoted as a 21+ event but if you are under 21 you can come as long as you come with an adult!


Hope to see you all there! 


More details: HERE


 Eyeshine iPhone App and Android App are available!


Our iPhone Eyeshine App is now live! If you use iOS software download it now!




Please watch our YouTube Documentary series to see what it's like being in an unsigned band

"The Eyeshine Experience"





  Johnny and Eyeshine are guests of honor for Anime Expo 2013


We are proud to announce that we will the guests of honor at Anime Expo next year! Check out the official announcement HERE


  Eyeshine is on Crunchyroll!


Eyeshine is now on Crunchyroll! Check out the promo where Zero makes and appreance HERE


And Eyeshine's Crunchyroll Page


Thanks for all your support!


- Eyeshine

"A really great band right from the LA area. Great rock-n-roll band! Eyeshine! "  — Don Was (7 time Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician), Gimme the Gig Competition
"Eyeshine - A band on the rise!"  — Oscar Benjamin, examiner.com
"Music (Eyeshine's) is very good, something I'd expect to hear on the radio"  — Flashrock

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