Eyeshine  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Rock / Edge Rock / Indie Rock
Members: Johnny Yong Bosch (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Maurice Salmin (Drums, Piano, Vocals), Polo Yazaki (Lead Guitar), Ginny Eck (Bass, Violin, Vocals)



  Hard Rock Rising Finals!



Thank you Los Angeles Location Facebook Users!

Because of everyone's hard work 

voting we made it to the Hard Rock Rising Finals!


We will be battling it out March 21st @ the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood!


The event is promoted as a 21+ event but if you are under you can come as long as you come with an adult!


Hope to see you all there! 


More details: HERE



 Acquiescence Music Video!


First off thank you everyone who made it out to our first 2 hour show!



We packed AMPLYFi full and the premiere of the "Acquiescence" Music Video went very well!


You can watch the full music video HERE


 Website updated!


We have updated our website with Ginny's bio and pic! Check it out: http://eyeshine.net


 Eyeshine iPhone App and Android App are available!


Our iPhone Eyeshine App is now live! If you use iOS software download it now!




Please watch our YouTube Documentary series to see what it's like being in an unsigned band

"The Eyeshine Experience"





 Maurice and Ginny in a Panasonic Commercial!


Check out our very own Maurice and Ginny in a   Panasonic Commercial! 


Also on a side note, we are ranked #2 in Los Angeles on Reverbnation! Just below Motley Crue (no way we can beat them right?)


And check this out! "Guitar VS Ninja"


 Happy New Year! 2013 Here We Go!


Happy New Year everyone!


To kick off the year we performed at Anime Los Angeles!

Which by the way if you were at the photoshoots, you can view and tag yourself HERE


Big things are coming this year for us! We will be doing a US Tour most likely in March, then in April we will be doing a Japan Tour!


We are also recording our new album, and will be pre-releasing it exclusively in Hawaii at Kawaii Kon in March!

Click for more info about Kawaii Kon


 Our latest acoustic album "Like Yesterday" Hard Copies NOW AVAILABLE!



Hard copies of our latest acoustic album "Like Yesterday" NOW AVAILABLE + NEW Hoodies and NEW Shirts can be purchased at our store!






  Johnny and Eyeshine are guests of honor for Anime Expo 2013


We are proud to announce that we will the guests of honor at Anime Expo next year! Check out the official announcement HERE


  Eyeshine is on Crunchyroll!


Eyeshine is now on Crunchyroll! Check out the promo where Zero makes and appreance HERE


And Eyeshine's Crunchyroll Page


  Polo got his VISA!!!


Polo got his VISA!!!

If you didn't know already, our lead guitarist Polo was denied his application for an Artist Visa earlier this year. He applied again with the help of everyone's letters and more documents, and this time he got approved!


To celebrate we are releasing our second NEW Music Video "Consuming Fire" from our latest album "Revolution Airwaves"


Thanks for the support!!!


  Eyeshine's NEW Bassist and NEW Music Video!!!


We'd like to officially introduce our new bassist Ginny Eck! Check her out in our NEW Music Video "Broken And Abused" from our latest album "Revolution Airwaves" 




Thanks for all your support!


- Eyeshine

"A really great band right from the LA area. Great rock-n-roll band! Eyeshine! "  — Don Was (7 time Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician), Gimme the Gig Competition
"Eyeshine - A band on the rise!"  — Oscar Benjamin, examiner.com
"Music (Eyeshine's) is very good, something I'd expect to hear on the radio"  — Flashrock

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