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Mechanical Skies is continuing to work on more of the Beowulf legend.   It's great fun but requires lots of reading up on Norse myths.   The latest stuff being worked on is kind of way out there.   Hope all our fans take a look and listen as it comes out.  Hall of the Moon is a minimul preview of where it's all headed.  Thanks, Hank.


"Mechanical Skies, Wielder of Wonder. Mechanical Skies = Suicidal Tendencies + Sugartooth + Niel Young. Wielder of Wonder, this six-song EP continues the journey of Mechanical Skies, following their first release in 2010. This material has a definitive classic rock undertone throughout. The material ranges from light and mildly funky to heavy and guitar-driven, and of the range I personally prefer their execution of the former. "Cold" has that kind of light-weight bouncy quality--it's funky and catchy. The production on this release seemed a bit better than on their previous album, and as they keep working I'm sure it will only get better and better. -Ischa B. Salt Lake Underground Magazine August 2012"  Ischa B., Salt Lake Underground

"mECHANICAL sKIES = Rush + Cream + Vintage Pop (SLUG Magazine January 2011)"  P. Buchanan, Salt Lake Underground Magazine

"Mechanical Skies= Mean Molly's Trio + Elvis Costello. mECHANICAL sKIES is an unorthodox group of musicians...This adds to the appeal of the simple backyard-BBQ-type rock they produce. 'Fix Your Good Mood' is a charming lo-fi collection of songs. "Debbie Died at the Disco" is about a teenage girl being killed by a mirror ball after the narrator told her not to go, while spectators thought her jeans were cool."  Andrew Roy, SLUG


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