Mike Rimbaud

New York, NY
Rock / Indie Pop / Alternative Rock
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Happy 2nd birthday Occupy Wall Street: http://musicforoccupy.org/2011/11/mike-rimbaud/
ere's "Saving Up To go Bankrupt" video filmed in Zuccotti park during the beginnings of the protest:


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"Mike est certainement une des rencontres les plus enrichissantes que j'ai pu faire ces dernières années, un artiste vivant pour sa musique, un gars plein de révoltes, de poésie aussi, un songwriter de talent, bon musicien, qui mérite une plus large reconnaissance, en France, comme chez lui. Entre "Night Rainbow" et ce nouvel album intitulé "Put that dream in your pipe and smoke it" (tiré d'une expression américaine, fait référence à la fin de l'american dream, on pourrait traduire par "prends le rêve américain et carre le toi..")  Rockin JL, LE DEBLOCNOT

"Mike Rimbaud- Night Rainbow: "Few other songwriters have chronicled New York as savagely and insightfully as this Elvis Costello-esque, psychedelically inclined guitarist and rocker; it’s arguably his best album ever." "Best Albums of 2013""  "Best Albums of 2013", New York Music Daily

"When I first heard Rimbaud’s gritty voice delivering the lyrics on his fascinating songs, I felt like his music could be classified as country, but then I settled on everyman’s acoustic rock. This NYC musician treats subjects that range from Hurricane Sandy (4) to the woes of today’s economy (8) to the overscheduled nature of life (3, 10) to Beatles covers (11) to how underappreciated teachers are (5) (definitely #6 came to mind on this one). The first song is a treasure with its rainbow references. You’ll either enjoy this or wonder about it, either one of which is a good thing." -KFJC Radio, California.   Humana, KFJC Music reviews, California


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